The idea of women faking orgasms

I was watching the Seinfeld episode where Elaine says she faked orgasms with Jerry, and Jerry gets all freaked out. I can’t think of other examples off the top of my head, but the idea of women faking orgasms is a relatively common idea in television and the movies. Here’s an article about it at msnbc. But in my experience the female orgasm is accompanied by abdominal and vaginal spasms. It’s not something you can fake without an unrealistic level of muscle control.

So yeah, a women can fake moan, fake the breathing, fake the dirty talk, or whatever, but there’s no way she can fake the spasms. I don’t see a realistic way that a women could fool me into thinking she’s had an orgasm when she didn’t.

Even if you know she faked it, it would be rude and awkward for you to say anything about it. What are you going to do, accuse her of lying as you lie in bed? Good way to mortify her into never sleeping with you again. For whatever reason, she didn’t have an orgasm, and she didn’t want it to be obvious, so you should just let it go.

those muscles have voluntary control.

Everyone who thinks treis has been fooled raise their hands?

Like I said in the OP, it’s based off a TV show, not real life.

I have voluntary control over my muscles, but I can’t make them spasm.

It’s not that hard to fake a female orgasm. You rhythmically do kegels, faking the spasms. If you have strong muscles, all the better.

It seems unlikely that you can determine whether a woman’s vaginal and abdominal muscles are clenching and unclenching voluntarily or not. Especially since not all orgasms are the same.

That said, faking orgasms is stupid.

Perhaps you are more observant than many men. I’m fortunate not to have had cause to fake very often. One time I do remember, my partner was drunk (hey, it was college!) and the tone of the moment had changed from “hey this is fun” to “No, no I can DO this”. I think he was impaired enough not to be looking for the indicators you mention, or to convince himself that they occurred.

Yeah, stuff like that is pretty much the only time I fake. If the guy is having trouble finishing, sometimes I fake it because that will get him off enough to finish himself. Or, if the guy just.won’t.give.up on my having an orgasm and I’m not in to it that much. I’ll fake it then too.

That’s actually what happened in the Seinfeld episode – George was convinced the woman he was dating was faking, confronted her about it, and she was so offended she broke up with him.

I never watched* Sienfield*.

This thread caused me to go watch the orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. Great stuff.

BTW, all the women I’ve known (except one) when the topic of orgasms come up, all confirmed that they’ve faked it on occasion.

BTW, the one who said she never faked it also told us that she had orgasms even before her partner even touched her, that she had dozens of orgasms every time she had sex and that men loved her for that.

I remember an episode of Soap where Jessica and Mary are discussing their sex lives (I’m certain with a lot of euphemisms), and Jessica said that sometimes she’ll fake it to get it over with (as some have mentioned here). However, she said that was problem, since Chester would then think that that had been a good technique and would stick with it.

Just wondering how many women the OP thinks he has brought to nirvana. I find the idea that every woman reacts the same physically to be laughable. I’m not exactly Casanova but each one I have been with have been very different.

Yeah? How many of yours were faking?

I’ve faked it when I was younger and less responsive during sex, but it was once or twice in the first few instances of actually having sex. I’m pretty responsive to touch, etc. now, and am one of those multiple orgasm folks, but I have yet to orgasm without touch. :dubious:

The only folks who were fooled by my faking it were guys who were too impressed by the idea that they were having sex to realize that it was all vocal response.

I’ve got a problem really believing this. I’ve felt involuntary vaginal orgasm spasms, and I’ve felt voluntary kegels. To me (male), they feel different. Especially at the onset of each contraction. Neither of the women I’ve been with have been able to replicate the rhythm and the character of a real orgasm, at least when I’ve known that the vaginal contractions have been voluntary. And yes, we’ve tested, just for the fun of it.

Sometimes, though, when the woman’s orgasm isn’t that intense, it can be difficult for me to feel the spasms at all. Especially if I’m busy coming myself. So it’s possible that someone I’ve been with has faked an orgasm that way. But I think you’ll have to have unusually good vaginal muscle control to fake the characteristic spasms that go with a strong female orgasm.

Of course, it’s theoretically possible that I’ve been fooled all those years…

Faking an orgasm isn’t that difficult at all. Moisture, spasms, bucking hips. Some girls are better than it than others, but with a bit of practice girls can fake (and not the Meg Ryan kind of way) and have a naive guy believe it, even when fingers etc. are inserted.

How I know? Having had many girls do this, only to be all fresh and fucking the next guy in a matter of minutes (and yes these are pros).

Yes, but you knew they were ‘faking’ it when you were getting them to just do kegels, right? In the heat of the moment, with the moaning, and hip thrusting and grabbing your hair, you might not realize it.