The Inappropriate Response Thread

“You might not recognize your Mom when you get home–I shaved her back”

Heh, I yelled this to Jose Canseco about his wife back when he was with the A’s. Ha, even he turned around and had to laugh.

Can Coldfire swear while closing a thread?

Just whose balls is Pat Robertson licking?

– Dame Robertson can boil my huevos.
– If coldfire swears in closing a thread, does a Catholic bear drive on a parkway?
– My cat’s breath smells like Ru Paul.
– The Mermaid really knows her shit!

Sure, as long as you don’t shit in my yard.

What is this shit?

Stuff it, welby, I’ve had a bad day.

I beg to differ

I don’t take shit
I don’t give a shit
I am not in the shit business.

You all are just envious cause I am not circumcised.

Um, surprise here for ya, UnwrittenNocturne. That shit is …

wait for it…

no, wait some more

can you feel the wait tonight?

Much like Doug Weight, except not…

Wait are family…

So wait us up where we belong…

it’s shit.

This shit is shit.

That’s all. Carry on.

I can’t believe that a simple post suggesting that all left-handed people be taken out and shot has degenerated into this kind of flamewar.

Ve haf vays ov making you take zis shit

If this were the Free-for-all Meltdown and Pile-on thread, I would probably respond, “You were right. That was shit.”

But that would be an appropriate response, and therefore has no place in this thread.

Don’t forget to “HI Opal” before you bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Originally posted by World Eater’s mother:
I wish I’d had an abortion.

What? I thought everybody knew homosexuality was deviant behavior.

Why is it that all homosexuals want to suck my dick? I mean, I go to a thread to post soemthing intelligent about deviant sexual behavior and the next thing I know some homosexual is on his knees sucking my dick.

I believe this thread belongs in MPSIMS.

I believe this thread belongs in GD, but I may be full of shit

Frankly scallop, I don’t give a clam

I’d look for clams while bending over and kissing ladies’ asses goodbye.