The Inappropriate Response Thread

Pucky banned? I never saw that coming.

Why? Do you close your eyes when you give head?


Only when it’s circumcised…

Fuck off!

Who the hell is off?

Mommy says it’s my special purpose.

You fundamentalists make me sick.

I hope you get prostate cancer.

Body of Christ, my ass. It’s a fucking cracker, you stupid pedophile.

That’s funny, that’s exactly what your mom said when I was leaving her house but I had a hard time understanding her because my sperm was still gurgling in the back of her throat.

Blow me.

[sub]Jeezus, carrot. I can barely breath without coughing and I read that and I nearly coughed myself into unconsciousness![/sub]

Oh yeah?!?

[caddyshack]Well tanks fer nuttin.[/caddyshack]

It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

I just know someone’s going to point out a double entendre in there somewhere and I JUST CAN’T FIND IT!
Sorry, Arden. Next time I’ll put that sort of thing in the spoiler box. :wink:

Whaddya mean it’s wrong to experiment on people?


They’re just clones!

You might not recognize your Mom when you get home–I shaved her back.

I was just posting all that to see how you people would react. Now, people! Please! Stop obsessing about me!

Stop talking about me.
Just checking to see if you’re still talking about me.

Why are you trying to sell me all these back-hair shavings?

Pat Robertson may not lick my balls.

Still wanna help out? :cool: