The incorrect , yet better tool for the job?

Have you ever found a tool that does a certain job better than the tools created for the task?

I would like to submit as an example, an alternate use for vise-grips
They are the perfect nutcracker. You can set them so they will smash the shells, and not even damage the nutmeats inside. Now what nutcracker can do that, and is immediately adjustable to accommodate any size nut?

  1. Golf tees are perfect for plugging vacuum and brake lines while working on your car.

  2. I’ve heard of duct tape used for many things, including, I’ve heard, ductwork.

  3. A screwdriver stuck in the choke of a carburetor will keep your engine from flooding if you are having trouble starting it.

  4. A 286 PC I have is perfect for holding open front doors when you are moving.

  5. One vise-grip equals a whole set of wrenches.

Oyster knife, schmoyster knife!

Give me a screwdriver and I’ll have them mollusks open in a jiff. Especially if I get to pick them out in the first place. Look for isters that have an indentation in their hinge that will accept the screwdriver’s blade and success will be yours.

No self-inflicted stab wounds, no unpleasant screaming from the kitchen, no industrial quantities of grit introduced into the interior of the little morsel. All around, a better way to do things.

I like the vise-grips as nutcracker idea as well. It sounds like a splendid way to extract whole nutmeats for decorative use and presentation dishes.

When my husband isn’t busy as an international sex symbol , he is a builder. Which means, the cobblers children wear no shoes.
A pen with a clip on it will also help hold open the carberator on a car when trying to do a solo start.

Take one of the detachable beaters off a sunbeam hand held mixer and put one of them in the Dewalt drill to use to mix dry wall mix. Works like a charm.

In a pinch, I have used a sock or panty hose to tie off a hole or crack in some kind of line/pipe/something in the engine of a car I was riding in to seal it temporarily. Gum, can work too.

Table salt can be used in a pinch ( pardon the pun) to melt the snow in your drive way.

If your car doors are frozen shut and you are a heroin addict and happen to have a hypodermic needle or small turkey baster laying around, you can inject rubbing alcohol into the lock to melt the ice. Just remember two things: to grease the lock afterwards because the rubbing alcohol strips the oil from the mechanism and you cannot shoot up effictively with a turkey baster.

If you live in a wintery place and hate having to use your hypodermic needles to injecting ice thawing materials into your car rather than brain melting drugs into your vein, you can protect your locks by putting a regular refrigerator magnet over the lock.

Scissors are used in this house to cut pizza.

Pizza wheels are used to cut sandwiches.

Sandwiches are then thrown on the floor by toddler and toddler in training to feed the dog.

A golf club can be used to drive tennis balls all over the yard, sending one labrador retriever into a frenzy. 9 Iron is preferred, but a putter fills in nicely.

The heel of a cowboy boot works quite well in driving in nails into the wall.

Place toddler on the scoop portion of a snow shovel, drag him around in snow. This will help him develop good upper body muscle as he holds on and helps you the parent realize just how out of shape you’ve become. This is done after you cannot locate regular sled.

Garbage bags can be used not only as rain protection devices but as really cheap sleds. This works best when you are really really drunk.

Lastly, I’ve wanted to do this for years after reading about it in a farm/rancher magazine a long time ago: feed my dog flower seeds and then watch them germinate in her poop in the yard. What fun!

This is both hilarious and intriguing at the same time. I am going to (well, my dog is going to) try this starting immediately. I’ll let you know how it comes out (pun intended).

I suspect it might come out something like this…

“Um, excuse me…is that a daffodil hanging out of your dog’s…um…sphinctre?”

I learned this neat trick a few months ago-
When drilling in screws, and one of them strips- don’t buy the special bit, don’t hack-saw a notch, don’t stress. Take the bit out of the drill and then tighten the drill onto (around) the head of the screw! Hit reverse and the screw pops right out!

Sticky-tack on the end of a screw-driver works better than magnetized ones.

tacke care-

The outer protective case that 135mm camera film comes in handy for keeping the rain out of my bike ignition lock since some erk tried, and failed, to rive it round with screwdriver-which was not a very succesful example of the use of an ad-hoc tool.