the incredible hulk

NOTE- this is about the Bill Bixby TV show, not the comics- NOTE

does anybody have a clue as to where Dr. David Banner attended college, when he graduated, etc? i’m looking for background info on this man we call the Incredible Hulk.



p.s.- see NOTE above, yet keep in mind that i’d love ANY info on the Hulk, comic tv or otherwise. but i’m specifically looking for info on the television show

In the comic, Banner attended Los Alamos University. Don’t know about the show, though.

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His aunt lives near me. She said he was doing fine. Ive got to ask her if he is deaf or just hard of hearing.

Presumably the above post refers to Lou Ferigno, not Bill Bixby. If Bill Bixby’s aunt said he was doing fine I’d be worried.


Oh, right Cliffy, I thought it looked a little strange & I went by the topic.