The indefatigable compassion and fierce loyalty of SDMB.

Ok. I don’t quite know how to express what I’m thinking, but I feel that I must say something. If I don’t make sense or start to ramble, feel free to quit reading.

Several times I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the degree of caring, empathy and compassion I see here. I’ll start reading a MPSIMS thread and by the fifth or sixth post I force my self to quit reading because I know if I continue, I’ll start to cry. Typically someone will share a problem, sometimes a very serious problem. Then posters chime in with encouragement, condolences and hugs. It leaves me speechless. It’s amazing. Maybe I’m so moved because I don’t have years of experience with message boards. Maybe it impresses me so much because online communication literally spells everything out. Or maybe, just maybe, you people are awesome and some day, when my post count is exponentially larger, we can be friends and I can be more like you.

And don’t even get me started on the Wally threads. . .


Maybe it’s just a faulty memory on my part, but I think you have described some of your own contributions, as well as those of others. No need to wait, I think you’re already more like the folks you appreciate than you realize.


Compassion is not an acquired thing, it is blessed upon those who inhabit the boards.

You possess that. Use it wisely, but generously.

Yup, the people here frickin’ rock! :slight_smile:

And remember, you’re one of 'em…

[sub]So am I…[/sub]

racerx said:

You can be more like me now, if you want.

(I hope you’re a guy–otherwise growing a beard is gonna cause talk.)