The Internet and Romance

You’d be suprised, I’m a hell of a lot closer to someone I’ve never met than anyone I ever have.

Dread Pirate Jimbo and I met over the net - married for a year now. I read somewhere just a little while ago that the internet is just an introduction service - the rest is up to you. When I was on the net personals, I called it “concentrated dating.” It was also a huge blast to email all these guys - very exciting to eagerly check for new emails, and get all excited when the right guy emailed back. I’d recommend it to anyone. (Do meet fairly quickly, though - nothing takes the place of a face-to-face meeting, and if the magic’s not there, it’s just not there.)

(And by the way, it’s “a lot”, not “alot.” Just my personal peeve.)

There’s some good advice here. I met my wife of seven plus years on the Internet. We’re more in love now than ever. That said, I’ve seen more disappointment than success. My advice is, don’t hunt and watch out for the easy catch.

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I’ve met all my best friends and ex-SOs online since I graduated high school ('bout five years now.) The person I’m seeing now was visiting my site to see my art for about two years, when he showed up at my public birthday party at the beginning of the year (it was announced on my site), and I saw him only a couple of times more but we talked almost every day online. When I dumped my last ex, I ended up getting together with him – to be honest, right now I couldn’t be happier about it.

Like someone else said, I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had online, and none of my relationships failed because of how we met, just differences in priorities and goals in life.

It can work.

Met my husband on BITnet Relay back in the day. I was in Pennsylvania, he was in Norway. Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary.