The Invention That is Better than Sex

It’s the Kadir-Buxton Method. And boy, he’s got a method for everything!

He can bring you back from the dead, massage your fallopian tubes with his hands (that pass through your cervix!) and cause deliberate amnesia.

He’s a god among men, people. A GOD AMONG MEN.

“Sorry you got AIDS! Imma jab you with my finger and slap your ass.”

A guy attacked him and after disabling him, his first thought is not to get away or call the cops, but to fondle the guy’s ass? I’m wondering just how unprovoked this attack was.

The rib, of course.

Oh wait, this wasn’t GQ.

I wonder how many people he killed during his learning period?

You mean… other people don’t do that?

Obviously the ass-slap was for identification purposes. “Is this the man that attacked you?” “I don’t know, is his ass bruised?”

“Is the man who attacked you here in the courtroom today?”


“Will you please point him out?”

“Let the record show that the witness has identified the man with the hand print on his left buttocks cheek.”

You couldn’t make this shit up. :smiley:

Oooh, oooh, baby! Stroke my nose again!!

Nose orgasms, will you people get your minds out of the gutter? Did you miss the amazing things that the Kadir-Buxton method can do to treat victims of violent crime and the mentally ill? Not only that, it can cure pedophiles!

Just remember, the natural enemy of the modern man of science are those quacks, hypnotists!

It’s a good thing you can re-program your patients to avoid them.

And for those who need third-party confirmation of things like this, don’t just take his word for it, check out this wiki article all about the man and his amazing inventions/accomplishments.


I have to admit that if someone were boxing my ears every time I had specific thoughts, I’d quickly learn not to have those thoughts.