The irresponsibility of Dave Anderson, NY Times writer

Commenting on the events that surrounded Game 3 of the ALCS, Dave Anderson of the New York Times penned an article today which states:

“Names or even nicknames will never hurt Martinez, but in the absence of sticks and stones, a battery might. When he’s on the mound or when he warms up in the bullpen, he would be within range of any Yankees loyalist with a good arm. But if there’s no Game 7, Pedro the Perpetrator will be safe.”

What, are you kidding me? What kind of responsible journalism is this? This is basically asking Yankee fans to throw BATTERIES at Pedro Martinez!!

I’m not defending what Pedro did on the mound in Game 3, as throwing a fastball at a batter’s head & threatening the Yankees with more beanballs is not very admirable. But to almost encourage Yankee fans to take out their vengence personally is abhorant and irresponsible journalism.

The Times has been batting around a .103 lately, haven’t they?

Speaking as a print media guy…

That’s just stupid. And it’s perilously close to incitement to riot or somesuch.

Now if some idiot does that what the hell is Anderson’s position?

It offends me that even a sports journalist would say such a thing.

A columnist for the NY Daily News dubbed the YES Network “Al Yankzeera” the other day. Methinks Mr. Anderson is looking to freelance as its Information Minister.

If anything happens he needs to charged with assault and… err… battery.

If anything happens he needs to charged with assault and… err… battery.

Bean me. Just haul off and throw it as hard as you can.

And just think, the NYTimes pays Pedro’s paycheck. Disgusting.

hmmm… Can any lawyers comment on his possible responsiblity if something were to happen? I mean, if the guy gets hit with 25 D-cell batteries could the police arrest Dave Anderson?

If i was Weird Al, I’d sue!