The joys of eBay bidders.

No, this is not about my own experiences. I’ve never sold anything on eBay, nor purchased anything. And after reading about some of the stuff that goes on there, i can’t say i’m too eager to start.

I especially love this listing from the UK. Scroll about one third of the way down the page, just below the red text, and read the additional information the seller gives in response to questions from potential bidders.

One of my favorites:

While he obviously received some genuine and reasonable questions, some people are obviously just morons. But it makes for pretty funny reading.

Well, I like the guy’s style and most of it is pretty funny. The idiots asking if the car was new, when he had said it had 67, 000 miles on the clock were morons and probably should not be allowed near a car, but surely asking whether it runs on petrol is perfectly reasonable if someone has a prejudice against diesel cars?

Not just any cactus, but a Mexican cactus.

For all that, it’s too bad he only got £3,800.00

I particularly liked this one:


Yes but the description said petrol.

Mind you, once there’s people who don’t realize it’s silver until they see it in person, I’m not surprised by anybody who didn’t read the description.

Sure it is. Except that, as Nava said, the fact that the van runs on petrol is stated in bold letters right there in the description.

Not sure about those eBay bidders, but if i were thinking of spending thousands of dollars (or, in this case, pounds) on an internet auction item, i’d read the description pretty closely to work out whether it was what i wanted.

Monstre, i liked that bit too, and also the sentence underneath it: