The latest bigoted rant from Dr. Laura

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A lady called Dr. Laura and asked if it would be ok to let her daughter take a school field trip to a moque as part of a project to learn about “moral themes” as well as about how Muslilms are treated in America.

This was Dr. Laura’s enlightened response:

Yes, how “horrifying” to let your child visit a mosque. And of course all Muslims are murderers and terrorists :rolleyes: :wally

Muslim groups are undestandably pissed off and are demanding an apology.
Why does anyone continue to listen to this woman? Even more inexplicible than that is why anyone would ever call her for advice (I mean what kind of a bitch actually has a moral quandry about whether to let her kid visit a mosque. The caller here is no genius either)

So anyway, fuck Dr. Laura yet again.

Though I agree with your opinion…

…I will not fuck her.

You bet I hate Dr. Laura.

What I deplore even more is the idiots that listen to her. No listeners = no ad revenue = no more Dr. Laura!!

You should read the fundie boards. . they think Dr. Laura was being too gentle!

Amazing that shitheads lie Dr. Laura don’t realize how much they have in common with the terrorists whose intolerance and hate they claim to abhor.

Link is broken now. Can anyone supply a new one?

Here’s another link. Sorry about that.

Alas, there will never be a shortage of Dr. Laura fans in a free country that allows people to be stupid. It’s part of the package.

You know, I used to listen to Dr. Laura, years ago, and I don’t remember her being this intolerant back then. Sure, she was hard on people who did stupid things, especially when it compromised their caring for their children, but I don’t remember her doing this nonsense.

Has she gone insane since I stopped listening, or was I just not perceptive back then?

Even if the kid doesn’t go on the field trip, she’s already received a free lessons on “how muslims are treated in America.”

Why do people with no knowledge about religion feel qualified to make sweeping and utterly false generalizations about Islam?
Oh, that’s right! Its “but I wore the juice!” syndrome!

(special that’s to rjung for the link)

You know, it’s sort of pointless to get your shorts all in a bunch over the likes of Dr. Laura, or Rush, or O’Rilley, or Michael Moore, or Pat Robertson or any number of other Radio/TV windbags. These people are incorrigible. They know that they earn their pay by being rabble rousers. They will continue to spout hatred and simplistic solutions to complex problems as long as a substantial slice of the population is inclined to hatred and simplistic answers, and, most importantly, as long as someone is willing to pay for their particular line of drivel.

There is an answer, however. More effective than countering their hatred and balderdash with counter argument (it is a dreary slog to convince the haters and the dupes that they are wrong) is the answer the RNC found to the supposedly unfair and unbalanced unauthorized TV bio of President Reagan. Go to the sponsors, people like the local Chevy dealer who advertises on Rush’s love fest around here, tell them that they are sponsoring crap and that you don’t plan to buy another car, or what ever it is that they are peddling, as long as their name is associated with that ripe manure pile of a talk show.

FisherQueen: you’re right. Back in the good old days, when her show was just “The Laura Schlessinger Show,” Laura was fun to listen to. Sure, a lot of it was the same old pointless advice show – “My husband abuses me, should I take him back?” – repeated ad nauseam with only minor variations – but there were good bits nestled among the mopery.

Today? Just another hate-radio hack. Sad.


Alright gobear, you’ve mentioned the fundie boards a few times lately in the Pit, so I gotta ask: why the hell do you cruise those things?

I was under the impression they’re quick on the banning finger to get rid of those that disagree with them, so unless I’m wrong about that (which I very well might be), I can’t see what you’d possibly get from reading that b.s.

Doesn’t it just piss you off?


I’ve long regarded “Dr.” Laura as a hyper-moral ass pain, a disturbing ranter and fount of frequently inane and over-the-top advice (sometimes good for comic relief during dull drives).

But it would sorta be nice to see her entire response in context, and not as strung-together excerpts which (in the links provided) seem to come entirely from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and its spokesman Ibrahim Hooper (great name, by the way).

I’m entirely willing to entertain additional evidence that she’s a twit. A reliable source other than this p.r. release would be a start.

Diogenes, ever think how much happier you’d be if you avoided the spewlings of people like Drudge and Laura? :smiley:

I take her with a grain of salt, after all I’ve seen her nekkid.

Wait, wasn’t she wearing fur undies in those pictures?





Come to think of it, I’d be wary about my child being taken on a school field trip to any house of worship to be taught about “understanding”.

Wonder how some of you might respond if Mom had called to ask about whether it was OK for her kid to go visit a right-wing fundamentalist Christian church, where the class would be taught about supposed discrimination against those who practice the church’s teachings.

I’d feel fine about it (except there isn’t any discrimination against Christians. they are the majority. Muslims are a minority. That;s the fucking point, to learn what it’s like for a minority).

Just in general, though, I wouldn’t have a problem with my daughter simply visiting a church. I certainly wouldn’t start foaming at the mouth and calling all Christians “murderers” and “terrorists.”

Well, you’re right about the quick banning finger, but i read them just to get an idea of how those people think. I guess it’s the same reason that I’ve been reading a lot of pseudoscience sites lately–just to get an idea of the BS quotient these days.

Actually, I wouldn’t disapprove at all because I’d view it as a learning opportunity. A way to discuss how every side differs, what all other viewpoints are out there and how to be respectful even if you disagree. But that would just be me.

Sounds like as good a reason as any. Just wondered b/c I cruised those boards for a total of 20 minutes and was so disgusted, I haven’t had the stomach to do it since. I was cruising them b/c I knew we had a poster that was on there trying to talk some sense (ha!) into some of them. He was rational and logical, wouldn’t have even be accused of being a certain bridge dwelling creature if he were to post the same things on here, and he got banned, post haste. That’s why I figured any reasons such as trying to talk some sense into them wouldn’t really apply.

You have a much stronger stomach than I.