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There is a simple elegance to 'spec’s exploding head.

No FFS, no one should feel obligated to go over there and confront people wondering aloud about past sexual abuse or whatever.

Just accept that other people find this dickish and don’t want to deal with it. It’s not complicated.

Moderator Note

This (below) is exactly the kind of stuff that’s going to get this thread closed. I don’t think it would be fair to people who don’t want to engage in the drama. Leave specific off-board drama out of this thread. This means don’t post about it, and don’t respond to it. Posters who fail to follow these instructions risk an official warning and the thread will be closed.

No warnings issued.

You can just go to the pit ands read what people are saying about you too. It’s much the same.

I’m torn between the thread shit and the derp fight. So versatile.

There is a significant difference, and that is that the SDMB has a general rule against critiquing posts and posters on other boards here on the SDMB. The Giraffe Boards, on the other hand, has a forum where that is encouraged. I think that’s the reason for the accusation that posters on the Giraffe Boards are cowardly, because they don’t make their critiques of SDMB posters here.

The SDMB’s policy against posts about posts and posters on other boards was explained by a former moderator of the SDMB:

(My emphasis)

ETA: and after posting, I see that Spice Weasel has re-iterated that general rule here in this thread:

(Her emphasis.)

People who use the word coward fail to realize that most of us use the same name over there. Same name as here. I think you’re getting confused between GB and S2.

sure we do - and it’s not they, it’s us. we are them.

listen, I’m going to say this before somebody gets this closed: despite the popularity of the snark thread, there are those of us who don’t always read/post there and spend our time (mostly) on the rest of the board. it’s smaller than here, but friendly and more fun in my personal experience.

but I still come here, because, you ready? VARIETY! :stuck_out_tongue:

and if Goat Yoga was available in my town, I would sure try it.

It may help if the uninformed peruse the origin stories, as told by the great prophet ScissorJack (who has since changed name because Giraffarians have the attention span of - hey how come no-one brought cake? I really like cake. Where is cake?

Quoteth the prophet, all give cake to the prophet, hail cake and wombats:

The Founding Myth of our people is that long ago we lived in a faraway land, ruled by a harsh Priest-King named Zoh-Tee who issued strange, ruthless edicts, and forbade the people from saying The Word That Shall Not Be Said, or indeed anything else he didn’t like on a given day. The people grumbled mightily under this burden but stayed their hands from rebellion, for fear that Zoh-Tee and his minion high priests would cast them into darkness from which there would be no return.

Then one day a former high priest named Ghi-Rhaf, kindlier than the rest of his brethren, found that he could no longer watch the people groan under the lash, and he spread the word of a small island he had found far to the West, where the people could laugh and play as they once did, and where there was no word That Could Not Be Said. And some of the people rejoiced, and took to the boats and set sail for this far off land, while others who remained scoffed at tales of this paradise of Ghi-Raf, and foretold a dire fate for those who left, while Zho-Tee in his palace gnashed his teeth and cursed until his priest-kings trembled and lashed the people all the harder.

And here the Myth of Ghi-Raf ends, though some speak of another island far to the east where others of the people fled, but instead of peace and freedom found only quarreling and misery, but little is known of them: some say they have died out, others that a few sad remnants live on, and others dismiss it as a tale fit only for children. All we know is that we live in peace in the land of Ghi-Raf, welcoming those who come to join us, for still small rafts come from the land of Zho-Tee. And in our daily prayers we rejoice that we can say (shortened to protect the easily offended).

Friday night is clothing optional over there. If you’re 18 or over that is.

Many of the Moderators here post over there at least semi regularly. As an Admin over there, I’d say that we are on very good terms with most of the staff over here. There has even been a very occasional real life serious issue where we’ve worked together. The few staffers here who were weirdly antagonistic about the GB have all moved on.

Sure, but personal experiences vary. I’ve lurked there from time to time, and I don’t find it friendly. My personal impression is that it’s a mean place. From some of the other posts in this thread, it seems that some other Dopers have the same impression.

But that’s the beauty of the intertubes - there are different places for different people. Different strokes for different folks, YMMV, IMHO, and all that.

It’s pretty hard to be nice to a lurker. In fact, I don’t even know how to do that. Perhaps if you’d joined in you might have seen it differently?

As I said in an earlier post in this thread, I’m not aware of any personal critiques of me over there. But it’s possible to watch a place for a while and conclude that it has a mean culture, even if I’m not personally mentioned.

I’ve never seen you mentioned there. Your criticism of GB is nearsighted. It’s like someone lurking here and judging the entire board because there may have been a mean post, or two or fifty, in the pit.

We also won’t ban you for threatening to sue, although you might prefer that. The consequences are not pretty.

I see you have the clairvoyant power to determine the extent of my lurking. :wink:


fair enough

Well that’s good. Back in the days of the split, there were some people on this board, who also moved over there, who openly bragged about having spreadsheets containing information and posts by a number of members. I recall mentioning an unpleasant side effect of a medicine I had taken in the past and having someone use that information, years later, distorted in the worst way, of course, to insult me on both boards. That’s where I got the “13 year old middle school girls” impression of a group of posters.