The Longest Yard

I’m terrible at writing reviews. Over all, I thought it was a very funny movie. It wasn’t what I would call an “Adam Sandler movie,” if that makes any sense. I was very suprised at Nelly’s acting ability. The soundtrack was good. And, any questions about the movie, I’ll answer.

Did you see the original?

I didnt’ even know there was an original until, well, you mentioned it.

I understand you just saw the new one I meant to ask if you HAVE EVER seen the original. Sorry.

I just saw it, and was slightly disappointed. The movie had such great potential. The things that killed it for me were:

  1. The McDonalds placements were over the top stupid. They bordered on ruining an already marginal movie.
  2. Chris Rock is funny, but watching him basically do his stand-up routine is distracting when it doesn’t flow with the movie.
  3. Rob Schneider need either a bigger part or no part. But seeing him blurt out one line in the entire movie just makes me wonder “Why?”
  4. The movie was funny enough without having to resort to “let’s do a funny thing” clip. i.e. “Ohhh, I like Little Michael”, and others too numerous to mention.

No spoilers here because the things I listed are either not telling of the movie, or in the clips.


I see ‘the big game’ sports movies infrequently enough that I find the cliches forgiveable once I’m seeing them again.

It was nice to see Adam Sandler give a not so aggressive comedic performance. His usual obnoxiousness was toned down nicely.

Chris Rock’s racial rants said nothing particularly insightful. His schtick gets old without acknowledging some new, different take on things or an unexpected dimension to his character. Whenever he’s underutilized, he plays the same guy in every movie. I’d have liked it better if he tried that “black people versus niggers” schtick on the brothers in the movie.

Also: maybe this comes from watching to much OZ but I was suprised this prison wasn’t more ethnically clique-ish.

For me, a little Rob Scneider goes a long way. His cameo was fine.

I guess I’m in the minority in that I loved it. Hilarious movie, and really, not bad at all. The whole theater was laughing the whole time. I dunno, I just really enjoyed it. I’d call it an “adam sandler movie”, up there with his other ones… although maybe slightly lower.

I thought it was pretty darned funny. Chris Rock had his moments, but he did get annoying since he was saying the same joke over and over and over.

I was giggling during the basketball scene because the group D12 was there (Eminem’s “band” :slight_smile: - the one with a shower cap on was a dead give away.

The McDonalds placement was verging on annoying, but I laughed every single time. Plus I just love that guy- he’s was the dude in White Chicks.

The story was pretty predictable, but it certainly kept me laughing. I did make a comment to my friend that Sandler is going to have to stop making sports movies soon- he was looking a bit heavy and long in the tooth. Oh, he was also WAY smaller then any of the convicts playing football, but he was the one professional? Riiight. If you can over look that though- hilarious.

PS: Schnider’s line had be LITERALLY falling out of my chair- my friend had to grab me off of the floor. That was easily the best line in the movie. Did anyone else notice the dice tattoo on his neck? Good stuff.

Bah, I would go back and correct my typing errors- but eh. You know what I meant :).