The Dodgeball Thread

Has anyone seen it yet? I’m on my way to see in 30 minutes and I would’ve figured someone had to have posted a review already. Oh well, maybe it won’t be nearly as bad as I think it might be. It’s got Stephen Root, so it can’t be that bad.

I love being dragged to movies that I have no interest in seeing so I can hang with some old friends.

I saw it last night. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since it was announced a year or so ago and have been closely following it’s progress. In my opinion, it is one of Ben Stillers best movies (along with Zoolander). The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is good.

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you liked Zoolander, you’ll love this movie. If you hate Ben Stiller, this movie won’t help. Personally, I loved it and will probably see it a second time in theatre.

My little brother (he’s 18) went and saw it last night. He loved it. I think he’s planning on dragging our youngest brother with him to it again before it closes, and I believe he went tonight with some other friends. (Or he could be making out with his girlfriend – he didn’t really say, but I got the impression he was going someplace dark.) He’s been running around the house quoting the movie all day, so I take that as a good sign.

Anything that can make my normally taciturn brother fall over and say, “Oh, man,” and then start giggling uncontrollably has to have some merit.

One of the guys on Vince Vaughn’s team attended the same (fairly small) theatre program as I did at a school in Oregon. We had the same circle of friends and went to all the same parties, but we weren’t close. I haven’t decided whether that’s enough to get me to see the movie or not.

Just saw it. Didnt’ like it. I like Ben Stiller. I liked Zoolander. Here’s a summary:

Ben Stiller: I am saying something that makes no sense and I am saying it with a lot of bravado.

Vince Vaughn: I am furrowing my bloated brow in confusion and mockery of what you just said.

Christine Taylor: I am being disgusted by Ben Stiller’s advances. I also am wishing I had waxed my upper lip before shooting.

Stephen Root: I am getting hit in the testicles with a dodgeball.

Everyone else in the movie: I am getting hit in the testicles with a dodgeball.

Okay, that’s unfair, a good movie could have been boiled down to that, too. But this movie didn’t even need boiling down to that. It was already that, and the Stiller quirk wasn’t there.

Look, you all knew it was a silly comedy before you went to see it.

Although many jokes did fall flat, there were enough to have me laughing several times, and that means it did it’s job. I actually thought it was better than I had expected (which, I admit, isn’t really saying much).

A head’s up to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet: stay until the end of the credits. This film has one of the longest “extra bits” after the credits are over that I have ever seen, and it was actually pretty funny. Not that it’s much of a spoiler, but after all the credits have run: The “fat” Ben Stiller, sitting shirtless on his couch, does the milkshake song, freely grabbing and jiggling his man-breasts. And to top it off, condescends to the audience afterwards with a “oh yeah… laugh at the fat man!” line.

There are good silly comedies and there are bad silly comedies. Don’t try to get all Confucius on us here.

All I know of this movie is the posters I’ve seen while going in to other movies. So, um, what’s the premise? I can gather that it’s yet another underdog-sports-team-beats-the-unscrupulous-champions-against-all-odds movie (or possibly a spoof of such movies), but what pretext do they use to get a couple of groups of adults to play Dodgeball for what are presumably high stakes of some sort?

I loved it. Leaving the theater, it was my New Favorite Movie Ever, and over time it’s only dropped to about 10 or 11, so it’s got staying power.

What impressed me the most is that, yes, they did all the predictable, juvenile jokes, but always came up with a way to put a little bit of a spin on it. Like geeky guy falling in love with overly hairy Latvian woman: seen it before. But playing “The Lady in Red” behind it? Brilliant!

Did anyone else notice the names of all the dodgeball teams that flashed by during ESPN 8 “The Ocho”'s intro clip? My favorite was “The MILFs.”

I liked how they kept Ben Stiller in check by having him go off and do his crossing-the-line-to-disturbing routine throughout, but having enough fairly normal and predictable jokes to counterbalance it. And I really liked how after she grabs him and bangs his head against the wall, it leaves a big, brown grease stain.

Any movie with Rip Torn and Stephen Root in it gets high votes from me. “Do I need to drink my own urine? No! I do it because it’s sterile, and I like the taste!”

Fucking Chuck Norris!

Yeah doy, it’s the American Dodgeball Association of America’s Global Championship in Las Vegas, with a cash prize of $50,000! It’s advertised heavily in Obscure Sports Quarterly.

(In other words, they don’t bother with too much pretext.)

This movie was terrible. To whoever liked it: how could you not find this movie annoying? It’s really sad that I was expecting this to be as clever and original as Zoolander. What a waste of time.

Simple: I have a sense of humor. :wink:

C’mon, any movie that rips on ESPN that much deserves some credit.

I laughed my ass off. There were some surprisingly intelligent jokes scattered throughout, like the announcers paraphrasing Jabberwocky, and, of course, the “Deus Ex Machina” chest.

And the Lance Armstrong cameo still has me chuckling.

I agree entirely. It was much funnier than I expected, and had smatterings of very intelligent humor.


Basically Vince owns an unsuccessful gym with few members. He hasn’t been collected membership fees or paying bills or anything. Stiller owns a huge successful gym and wants to buy Vince’s to make a parking lot or some crap. Vince learns he needs $50,000 so the bank doesn’t foreclose and sell the gym to Stiller.
They try some stupid ideas like a car wash and some other things, but they can’t raise enough money. They soon learn that the 1st Place prize at the American Dodgeball Association of America’s national competition is (you guessed it) $50,000! So they learn to play dodgeball in like a week.
Vince finds out what they are up to, and he enters a team of his own. He needs to beat them so they wont end up with the prize money, so he’ll be able to buy that gym. That’s how they end up in a head-to-head dodgeball competition…

I like this movie as much as any stupid movie. It was entertaining. Not as funny as Zoolander or Old School, but those are hard to beat!!

Plot summary: Revenge of the Nerds on a dodgeball court.

Linkety Link.

I thought it was tripe. And I wasn’t expecting much. At all. I loved Zoolander, but Zoolander this wasn’t.

It certainly had the potential to be funny. But most of the “jokes” just had me shaking my head and saying, “What?” They were either so cliched that I saw them coming from a mile away, or else they were too off-the-wall and made no sense at all. Either way, I didn’t laugh.

The funny parts:
“Deus ex machina” written on the treasure chest
Chuck Norris
David Hasselhoff

A very forgettable movie in my opinion. I hope next time Ben Stiller can do better (at least he isn’t to blame for the terrible script).

I would just like to add this: Dirty Sanchez!

I laughed my ass off from start to finish. It may have helped that I went into the film literally with no expectations (I went intending to see Spider-Man 2 but, oops, it wasn’t out yet). I mean, dude, it had a pirate! For no reason whatsoever, a pirate! A pirate with existential issues, no less!

Plus, the pirate was played by the guy from Firefly, which is reason enough to go see it right there.