The MAD Bonnie-and-Charley Thread

The Floridians have a thread about the approaching tropical storms; here’s ours!

If the storms both stay on track, Bonnie should get to the DC-Balt area tomorrow (Friday), mid to late morning. Then we’ll get a breather before Charley parties down with us on Saturday night.

They’re both supposed to get here by the overland route, so they shouldn’t have a lot of force by the time they arrive. But we can expect a shitload of rain, and lots of wind - heavy by everyday standards, if not by tropical storm standards.

But no reason to expect a repeat of Isabel, thank goodness. Being without power for four days was a real drag.
They blew it by not naming the ‘C’ hurricane Clyde this year.

I guess they figured they had the lame humor thing covered by giving us the opportunity to sing “My Bonnie lies over the ocean…”


Well, it’s time to get some milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper. After it clears up Monday, I can make French toast a la Charmin. :wink:


Hmph. Does anybody care that it’s been so cold in the Twin Cities that I had to wear my winter coat to work this week? In August? I think not. Fine. Have your party thread. See if I care. :rolleyes:

Perhaps if Bonnie and Charley hang round long enough, they can name the “P” one Prince.

Well, we can use the rain - July’s is long gone, and it’s been nearly a fortnight since it’s rained for days upon days down this way. :wink:

Side note: Wasn’t there a Hurricane Bonnie not so long ago? And I remember (or mis-remember, if my brain is screwy) it making landfall too. Isn’t there a NOAA rule about recycling the tags for named storms?

I’ve heard of Indian summer before, but not Indian winter.