The man replacing my garage door opener just hollered "Dammit! Fuck!" Uh oh...

And threw something on the driveway with an ominous clang.

I should probably NOT go out there and ask brightly, “How’s it going?” I know from long experience that Guys like to be alone at times like this.

I’m SO glad I’m not a Guy sometimes. The burden of Infallibility would be too much for me to bear. :smiley:

Just hollered, “Dammit!! FUCK!!” again, followed by more clanging noises.

here i am, humming a little tune and surfing the internets

Now, if it was my husband, I’d saunter out there about now and politely ask him, “How’s it going?” and he’d say, “Well, apparently I just bolted the frannistan to the Jeffries tube, so now I have to go to Menards again.”

But a Repair Person from Midstate Overhead Doors, I don’t think he wants housewifely sympathy. I’ll preserve a tactful silence and wait for him to come knock on the door…

Maybe your garage door is now voice activated. All you’ll need to do is pull into your driveway, roll down the window and shout out “Dammit! Fuck!” from now on.

See, progress!

I’m hoping “Dammit” and “Fuck” are his helper gnomes.

I would suggest yo go out and offer him a cup of coffee or a soda. Anything to get him away from the job for a couple of minutes.
It is amazing how much easier something is after you have taken a very short break.

As to what happened, I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts (good explanation for Uncle Cecil for tht phrase!) that the spring broke. The ominous clank was him chucking it on the driveway.

The spring is relatively cheap (@$100)…don’t fret!

I had the same garage-door work done for me about 3 months ago.


I want one of those.

Of course, I’d have to make sure I kept my windows closed if I ever worked from home. And I’m not sure all the parents with young kids around here would like it, either.

“If you’re installing my non-wax floor, don’t uh-oh!”

If Menards had any sense they’d get themselves a liquor license.

I’ll add “Garage Door Repairman” on my list of people who shouldn’t make ominous noises (e.g., “Uh oh”) while they’re working, along with 1) Physician and 2) Barber.

ETA: Along with 3) “Non-wax floor installer person” per gotpasswords.

Ah, that brings back memories of my childhood, learning how to swear while watching dad fix things around the house. I did not learn how to fix anything but the swearing now comes in handy when I try.

Not forgetting 4) Tattoo artist.

Well, he finally left. After the second “clang” there was a lengthy two-way-radio conversation, half-overheard, out in the driveway, then a long, lonnnnnng, silence. Then more hammering. Then a sense of working. And when I finally tiptoed out there, ostensibly to “gather up some of this trash from the garage, because tomorrow is Trash Day”, he was swabbing lube-looking stuff around with a 2-inch paintbrush, looking cross, and practically bit my head off, “Ma’am, if you could just give me a few minutes here…”

I’m assuming that he broke something and had to radio headquarters for instructions as to what to do.

I feel for him. Now he gets to go back to HQ and explain how the HELL he managed to bolt the frannistan to the Jeffries tube.

Or, if my experiences are indicative, you may want to go pick up the bolt/screw/drill that fell from his hands now that he his holding up something heavy that he can’t let go of and can’t put down…

Just be glad you don’t own a talking parrot.


and 6) Dentists

In HS my friend and I asked his Dad if we could help him while he was working on his car. He said it was a one person job, but if he swore, he’d get undercarriage grit in his mouth. So, we stood there and swore for him. It takes a LOT of swearing to tire out two HS age boys, but eventually it happened.

You are a genius.

So, was he actually fucking anything? That’d explain it.

Just one of those husbands that does not respond well to the “Fuck, Fuck, Dammit” followed by the Mrs responding with, “Well, how’s it going?”
If you heard that, bring me a beer…

With your twin sister holding Rigid ™ products.

SSG Schwartz

He needs retraining. There is nothing about a garage door operator installation worthy of swearing. Even working on an actual door, which do have some springs capable of putting a smackdown on you if you’re a dimwit (think torsion) shouldn’t cause you to get hurt. Unless you’re a dimwit.