The Mark of Satan is Upon Me

So, I visited Salem, MA today with my Little Sister. If you haven’t heard me raving about what a great experience it is to be a Big Sister, don’t ask…I will seriously go on forever about it.

Anyway, we were on the trolley ride through town, hitting all the historic sites. You know…where they hung the witches, where Nathaniel Hawthorne was inspired, etc. The guide mentioned that they had special midwives who looked for moles or other “Marks of the Devil” on accused or potential witches.

So, I pulled the neck of my top just barely off of my left shoulder and said, 'Here’s my mark!" At which point, everyone on the trolley got up and came over to stare at the birth mark I have on my left shoulder, which I had surgery on when I was 5 years old. (They thought it might be changing and did a biopsy and removed what they could.)

It looks like a giant freckle.

I really only meant to tease my Little Sister, who thinks such things are amusing. I didn’t intend for the entire trolley crew to know where my mark of satan is.

I suppose now they will come and try to hang me…


Do you have a familiar?

Want one?

I have been looking for a familiar. I considered the typical black cat, but what can one of THOSE really do for you. Do you have something better to offer?

I could really use some help with my evil deeds. I could use help with all my deeds for that matter.

Well poop. I came in here thinking maybe you’d shaved your head and found a big ol’ 666 on your scalp.

So a big freckle, huh? That proves my theory that my sister is pure evil, 'cause she’s covered in 'em. Also, she owns a lot of brooms.

Dude…all sisters are pure evil It’s a requirement.

(Just kidding, Anna. I’m sure you’re only 50% evil.) :smiley:

Heh, you know why my sister will never have a short hair style? Because then you might see where her devil horns were removed. The tail-ectomy went much better, hardly a dimple shows, and if you give me a quarter I’ll let you see the jar where we keep it. The cloven hoof thing is a myth though.

Can I interest you in a baboon familiar?

Moles are the mark of Satan? My husband and I are in BIG trouble! (We’re some moley folks, people. Moley, moley, moley. And we have cats, too.)

Anyone else reading this title and finding themselves singing it to the tune of “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”?

o/ The mark of Satan is upon me all the live-long day! The mark of Satan is upon me I cannot get away... o/

That’s not really my idea of fun.

I’ll be your huckleberry. I can fix your car, modernize your home, soothe you with music from my vastly eclectic collection, cook for you, And in many other ways make you the most satisfied witch on the plane.

What Say You? I’ll be the rain falling on your fire escape.

I’m just wondering if there are places on the body to have moles that are more evil than other places? Cause I got a big mole on my Shalala (as a fellow doper has named the area - can’t remember who, but remembered the term!) and have had it since birth.

My best friend has a "calico cock. Is that what you mean?

Actually, that’s quite poetic. But I don’t think it would be right to make you live on the fire escape!

What’s a calico cock? And, I’m a girl!