The Men of the SDMB Are...

Too modest for my taste. We’ve been looking for a few good strippers here and have yet to see any flesh.

I may have to bring in outside help.

(it’s sad when a woman can’t find a man willing to take off his clothes for her:()

:Walks into the room, takes off all his clothes, pees on little*bits leg, gathers clothes, walks out:

Being easy never worked before. Why should it now?

Kvallulf - How on earth is your aim so good with something that small ?!?!?! :slight_smile:

Iampunha - It’s a bachlorette party. Think drunk women with lowered inhibitions. Women will do things at these parties that they would never allow themselves to do normally. It’s like a free pass to do whatever you want with no repercussions.

It obviously stuck out to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t take advantage of people. Period. And I feel shitty when I do.

Example: few nights ago a friend of mine was drunk. To get him to go to sleep I told him that because Patrick Stewart’s character is telepathic (or something) and that my first name is Patrick, I am also psychic and as such could tell what was going to happen, etc. So we got him to go to bed. Finally. And I felt like a POS for doing that.

I don’t accept gifts for things I do. I don’t accept “I owe you one” for the same reason. Reason being: I want to know that anything I did or that someone else did was of my or her/his own free will, not because s/he owed me something. Having been taken advantage of, it sucks. Bad. I avoid it as much as humanly possible.

Thanks for the offer, though.

VB sticks his head in the door…

Ummm…Will I do, ladies?

** slipping on the grass skirt **

Hey, we’re not getting too many girls, either (Thanks, Tally Ho). We shouldn’t have had the parties the same night. Next time, we have to find the right place…2 rooms back-to-back, each has a stage…have both parties there! The guys at the bachelor party want to dance over to the lovely ladies at the bachelorette party or vice versa, just go backstage and come out the other side… of course, neither side has to run right back to where they came from either…must run…


Damnit! All that wasted time at the age of ten reading “The Great Brain” books when I shoulda been practicing whistling through my fingers.

Argh! Grass skirts! Stripping men! And here I sit, unprepared!

Good lord, Omni, that doesn’t look like the usual coconut-shell bra…

Too modest? You’re obviously dealing with amateurs.

I’m a professional.

You should see the trouble I get into around here.

I’ll see you ladies at the party :wink:

From lurkernomore

:: Cnote jumps up on table, begins to groove ::

Allrighty!! Ladies! Let’s see some C-Notes!!

::lounging at the table drinking Captain & 7-Up::

Come on boys. Lets see some effort.
Omni - Make me want to break out the lawn mower.

:: Cnote begins to work up a sweat ::

Cnote, nice effort.
::waves $50::
Now what can you do that will make me want to give you this?

uh, Cnote - that was little*bit, not me…


I got such a sweat going here I don’t care who I’m talking to!!!


A little bit, just a little bit, watch me groove!!


Chris, for my hard earned money I expect some pole dancing. I need a better description than shakin’ your stuff & groovin’.
Be specific & descriptive. You’ll get better tips & more women. :wink:

Iampunha - Grass skirt