The might be the best Jeopardy ever...

A category on SNL Jeopardy, and then five other categories that are all in the spirit of SNL Jeopardy categories.

States that end in Hampshire
What color is green?
Current black presidents
Sounds that kitties make

And…I missed the last one and I couldn’t read it when they showed the board, but I’m sure it’s good.

Is that today’s episode? Because it’s not on for another hour here and I’ll make sure to watch it when the time comes.

Yes, it’s today’s.

And the last category is “Twinkle twinkle little thing that rhymes with star.”

Excellent, I’m in!

I would not have been able to resist answering in my terrible Sean Connery voice…

That would be Anal Bumcover for 300, Alex. And, your mother’s a whore.