**What does MMP stand for? **Monday Morning Post

**What the $#@& is an MMP anyhow? **Basically a ragtag collection of stuff that is too pointless even for MPSIMS. Sharing our personal observations, the day -to-day details of our lives, what we’re fixing for dinner, the weather, and the deep importance of buying 48 rolls of toilet paper at a time. We start a new one every Monday.

Who starts the MMP every week? We take turns. Sometimes Voluntarily, sometimes coerced

What is a Mumper (MMPer)? Someone who posts regularly (or irregularly!) in the MMP threads.

When was the term Mumper first used?
How Did the MMP get Started? Rue DeDay, AKA Unca Rue, who was a stay-at-home dad for a while, got into the habit of starting threads on Monday. He’d generally start with some anecdote, and then meander off wherever it took him. At some point, he went back to work and didn’t have time to post any more and we started taking turns and including MMP in the title so that people could find it.

When? It is lost in the mists of Time.

Y’all Talk funny: You noticed!
What some of the acronyms, nicknames and “Mumpspeaks” mean:
N. O. T.‘s = potatoes (to distinguish them from the poster Taters: Not Our Taters
OYKW = Ol’ You Know Who. (Swampy’s main squeeze)
ACBG - A Certain Burly Gentleman. (see Above)
Firday (started by a drunken HazelNutCoffee )
Blurf - the first incoherent thing you mumble when waking up
DH - Dear/Darling/Damned Husband
Dolores Reborn =Rebo, or Reboot
Noone Special = special one = Nooner = Lunch
Vunderbob = Bobbio because he lost a lot of weight and Bobbio rhymes with Fabio
Janis-and_c0 = Pearl from Janis Joplin’s album of that title
Squid & Goat (don’t ask:Think the Noodle Incident referenced in Calvin & Hobbes)
JDD JoeDawg’s Daddy
MOG - Mother of The Groom
PB - Papa Bear (Pearl’s Main Squeeze)
rosie(that would be Anyrose)'s .sig - an all encompassing greeting applicable to many, if not all, situations previously described in the MMP. :Hugs, Yays, Boos, Pats-on-Back, Smacks-Upside-Heads, yums, and a smattering of eeeeewwwww! Please distribute as needed.
Dogbutler- Doggio
Congodwarf - ShortDrum
Soapy- IvoryTowerDenizen (Ivory=soap, get it?)

Who started the nickname thing? The nicknames started because a few of the original (2nd Gen, c. 2007) Mumpers had very long screen names. Also, as we came to know each other, the nicknames became terms of endearment. Some have a few. NoOne Special, and Delores Reborn , for instance.

What/Where is the recipe blog? Which leads us to another important Mumper fact: we’ve posted so many recipes that, McUne, whose full name is Most Creative User Name Ever started us a blog. She got too busy to keep it up and handed the reins over to GardenTraveler. She keeps a link to it in her signature. (which can be found on her profile) Also there is a link here.
Can I join?

**Void where prohibited. no purchase necessary. When come back bring pie. or chocolate. or bacon.or toilet paper.or Beerverages Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. May be habit forming. Price and participation may vary. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Not responsible for damages caused by squid and/or goat.