The most geeky group activity, aside from RPGing?

Say, a group of 4-6 people. And it has to be off line.

It’s for a short story I’m working on, if that matters.

Can…anyone help?

Let’s see…

I think you’ve pretty much got it nailed down already, realistically. If you’re willing to get slapstick, your party of geeks could be designing or constructing costumes for Hallowe’en/a convention/thier live action RPG.

Bonus geek points for them doing related costumes for a con, as mebbe the Fantastic Four, or a batch o’ X-Men, or a bunch of characters from some anime/manga series.

Could be a LAN party, if you’re dealing with gaming geeks. Especially if they’re using a mod they’ve put together themselves.

Ack. Pffhhhbbbttt.

Meant to add this, on preview:
Nothing, however, beats the geek factor of a group of seriously munchkin RPGers spending more time "rules lawyer"ing than actually playing.

[sub]And you pretty much need to be an RPG geek to make sense of that, to boot, I think.[/sub]

Probably just sitting around arguing trivial plot or technical points while watching tv.

“Pfft. Like a single photon torpedo would crack that Warbird’s engine core.”
“Geordi could have modified it, like in the episode where those aliens did things.”
“It took him three hours that time!”
“Maybe he did it a bunch of times afterward and kept them on hand when he needed a really powerful torpedo.”

Consulting the Geek Hierarchy chart, the clear answer is a writing workshop for furries who write Furry Star Trek slash fiction.

Train spotting.

And the winner is … Bill the Cat!
Well, no. Actually, I have a copy of the Geek Hierarchy on the wall in my living room, and I have to agree with it. I saw a commercial for one of those cop shows where they invastigate murders and in this particular episode, they were doing their investigation at an entire house filled with Furries.

I don’t care how geeky my friends and I are while sitting around fighting orcs … we got nuthin’ on those sickos.

How about a big buncha losers talking to each other on a message board - oh hang on a minute…

Playing Geek Eye for the Mundane Guy?

It doiesn’t have to RPging, it could be minitures (Warhammer $40,000) or trading cards (Magic: the purchasing)

Or live “versus” discussions. Thor vs Cthulhu, Apocolpse vs Superman, etc.


I didn’t see “Forming a renaissance faire performance group.” anywhere on that chart.

Having entire discussions amongst themselves in Klingon or in some other made-up sci-fi language.

Physics club?

The recent Breakfast Club thread in Cafe Society reminded me of this.

“That’s social. Demented and sad, but social.”

Watching and discussing anime/manga.

I’d go with anime, too. Maybe a bunch of 30 year old men discussing the plot intricacies of Sailor Moon?

Is being into hentai geekier than being into anime, or less geeky, asks the owner of a hentai review site that is the ONLY one on the Web that has full reviews of all 11 Operations of the Cool Devices hentai series.

Model railroading gets my vote.

Click on the “Big Massive GIF” link at the bottom. It’s to the left, right next to SCA. You’re more geeky than people who majored in Folklore and Mythology, but less geeky than people who buy expensive replicas of fantasy swords :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll vote for a trading card game (such as “Magic: The Gathering” or “Yu-Gi-Oh”) that descends into a bunch of rule-mongering.

Well my buddy sent me a avi once of a bunch of geeky looking people in SCA costumes attacking a guy in some sort of a monster suit.

I laughed my ass off, especially when a guy dressed in robes started throwing foam darts at the “monster” and was screaming “MAGIC MISSILE… MAGIC MISSILE… MAGIC MISSILE”.



A number of years ago I saw a news story (I think it was on “The Daily Show”) about a group of adults who, once a year, dress up in Star Trek costumes, visit their local renaissance fair (as customers, not performers) and walk around pretending that they’ve beamed down to a primitive planet. Geek squared!