The Nerdity Test


Definitely out of date. There are whole vistas of modern nerdity not included on the test: Goths. Furries. Manga & Anime. Videogames. The Matrix.

35.2% checking in. It seems I fail at nerd-dom.

60.6%, biznatches. But I’m a professional science geek, which helped a lot.



I didn’t take credit for having seen all of the Star Wars movies in a 24-hour period, though I did see the ones that were around at the time the test was apparently written. And not that I doubt someone’s done it, but it’d be quite an accomplishment to do all the extant Star Trek movies in a day, wouldn’t it?

I think you deserve to lose points for not knowing that. (Or for not being confident enough in your answer to see how simple the conversion factor is … 1 Å = 0.0001 µ)

32.4% I’m just a wannabe.

54.8% I’m not that bad really. I have a social life and everything.


and i agree, the test is definitely dated

56.2. I have a slide rule, and I even used to know how to use it. It’s over a foot long, has about four different slides, and has a lot of weird notations. I bought it at a garage sale when I was about 10 or so, and taught myself how to use it out of library books.

Yeah, the test is way outdated. And I thought up a new question, but I promptly forgot it.


I’m way nerdier than that; the test is old. The only bit that surprised me is that I still remember pi and e to 5 digits – and I never had a valid reason to memorize them!

20%. Points and laughs at all the people who are nerdier than I am.

I would have scored a lot higher on a Literature Nerd test, though. I hate math and math hates me, but ask me about Jane Austen and I’ll talk your ear off.

After seeing that test I have to wonder: what exactly is a nerd?


Shouldn’t I lose points for having been asleep in the front row of far too many lectures? (There is a picture of me in AP Bio, my junior year of HS, in that year’s yearbook. What cheesed off my classmates was that I aced the course, anyways.)

And I just wanna say - I would be very afraid of anyone who’s IQ is greater than my weight.

13.4%. Yeah, that’s right. 13.4%.
of course, now I feel really stupid after reading all the stuff the I don’t know.

Another one who hates all things numerical, except maybe my score: 11.6% 58/500.

Oh, and I would think that arguing about how out of date the test is would definately make one a nerd, and should automatically add a billion points to one’s nerdiness.

18.8% (94/500)


36.2, and I write software for a living. Add my vote to the “way out of date” side.

I only got 42.2% (closet nerd) but I do know that an Angström is 10[sup]-10[/sup] meters and a nanometer is 10[sup]-9[/sup] meters, so 4000 Angström is 400 nm. I also learned that the visible spectrum goes from 400 to 800 nm and not only to 750. Then again, I’m a Chemical Engineer so we only know UV from spectrometry and I guess we don’t really care.

Looks like Pro-Sci trumps Computer geeks, even with a trekkie background.
WTG Smeghead