The Nerdity Test

Nerdity Test

I scored 40.6%… Who’s the nerdiest of us all?

Freaky. I got a 40.6 as well!

25.2%. Some of the questions on the test are a bit outdated. I doubt having an e-mail address is a sign of nerddom anymore.


But then I’m a software engineer - what did I expect?


I am Nerdier. Far nerdier than thou.

Lots of the questions are way out of date, though.

Also, I deserve extra points because I was annoyed that they measured the wavelength of visible light in Angstroms and I didn’t know the conversion factor from nanometers.

Or answering “yes” to the question “have you ever used a computer?”

32.4% here . I thought I was nerdier than that . :stuck_out_tongue:

32.4%. I guess I’m just a wanna-be. :frowning:

I think that if I had taken a similar test when I was 16, I would have scored much higher.

Nerdity Quotient: 47.6% (238/500)
Closet Nerd
Average score: 32.4%

Scary, Is there something weird about the test that 32.4% keeps coming up at Straight Dope.
Funny the way being older, married and with kids cost me many Nerds points I would have earned at 20.


But I think I’m definitely nerdier than that. The test is too light on literature/pop culture.

I couldn’t finish it. Oh my god. :slight_smile:

Funny indeed…perhaps they weren’t looking at the top of the page.

I got 40.4%.


I guess that’s about what I expected. In areas like Star Trek, I didn’t have any boxes…but when it came to computer use I checked almost everything (except for the programming languages questions)

54% (270/500)

Some of those questions are seriously out of date.

51.6%. I’m probably getting less nerdy as I age.


I’m not sure what’s more amusing – how out of date the computer section is, or the fact that I’ve used a light pen (and got credit for that question!) in the last two months.

24%. I must not be nerdy enough, because the out-of-date questions don’t bother me.

46.4% 232/500

45.6% I’d say the test is about 10 years out of date.

32.4%. Seems as though nerd is being used on the test to mean math or science nerd. There are, it’s now recognized, many flavors of nerddom. Me, I’m a music, history, and pop culture nerd.