The Nevers [open spoilers after first post]

Finally got to watching Sunday’s episode (been a busy week!) and I like that the battle lines have been drawn as opposed to drawing it out. I also thought it was interesting that Mary’s song talked about coming below and finding me - I wonder if that blue sphere we saw a few episodes ago is channeling the Touched somehow.

That’s pretty clearly what was speaking to Amalia through Mary. It also seems pretty clear that Amalia isn’t Amalia, at least not entirely.

I’m pretty sure at this point the “attempted” suicide we saw in the pilot was actually successful, and “Amalia’s” body is now inhabited by the…soul? life force? consciousness? spore? something? of someone/thing that was in the ship. The other Touched got abilities, but none of them seem to have the knowledge Amalia has. Maybe because the host body was dying when it was Touched, she got the full consciousness of X, whatever or whoever X is. Which explains parts of her personality and abilities - she’s a cinematically skilled fighter because she’s not a random woman from Victorian London, she’s a soldier from…the future? Another timeline? An alien race? A parallel universe? Faerie? Somewhen else, anyway.

That could explain the “waif-fu”.

We just watched, another really good episode. I like all the speculation in this thread…I agree that Amalia ain’t Amalia, & she felt alone & abandoned by the aliens until she learned that some other part of her universe is in London and calling to her, and it made her all teary. [agree it’s the blue sphere]

And no brothel this episode! #winning