The New David Cook Single, LIGHT ON



I like it. I’m trying to think of “where I’ve heard it before though”; I know the song’s original, but its influences are somewhat bare and I can’t quite place them.

I can’t stand the picture of him though. He looks either stoned and/or gut shot. Wonder if Archuleta’s coming out with something or if he’s just doing a road trip with Sanjaya and John Stevens.

It’s not great, but I’d listen to it if it came on the radio. I must ask, though: what happened to his hair? Is it supposed to be distinctive or something? It looked so much better here. And yeah, he does look stoned in that picture.

Oh God, I just saw the picture on his upcoming album. Yikes.

Sounds like whoever wrote that song graduated from the Nickelback School of Music.

ETA: I thought the beginning sounded a little like Soundgarden–turns out Chris Cornell co-wrote the song.

I think the first album an AI grad does is always a sacrifice to the Idol Gods.

I’m not wild about this single; don’t dislike it either. However, I still have confidence that his forthcoming album will be really worthwhile. Cook’s talent as shown on American Idol is really amazing.
Wonder if releasing this song written by Chris Cornell is Cook’s way of thanking Cornell for his big success with Cornell’s version of “Billie Jean”.
The album cover is none too attractive – There are about a million beter pictures of him out there. (Trust me on this).

FYI – David Cook will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November

That was my thought, too.

I like the single. I don’t usually go for the straight-ahead rock and roll stuff (because it’s freaking boring), but there is something about David Cook’s voice that I just love.

ETA: The picture. David Cook has a lot of sexuality/sensuality - how did they manage to groom that completely out of him?

The album cover has some sexuality, in that it makes him look like a gay stoned Romulon.