The new Doctor's costume is revealed!

After several months of speculating, the BBC has released a photo of Peter Capaldi in his Twelfth Doctor costume!

I like it a LOT! Many have compared it to Pertwee’s (at least, in its color scheme), which I hope is another indication that the Twelfth’s characterization is a little closer to the Third’s. That is to say, that he’ll be less manic than his two predecessors (as much as I liked Tennant and Smith, that wackiness was wearing a little thin) but still capable of warmth and humor.

I also like the fact that it’s just eccentric enough without being OTT–that is to say, it makes the Doctor stand out without calling an incredible amount of attention to itself. Then, of course, it’s quite flattering to Peter.

So what do you guys think?

My first reaction is meh. It looks like the Great Doctroni is going to pull a rabbit out of a woman sawed in half.

I dunno that it’s any one element —it might just be the combination of the red accent, the gesture and the grimace.

What, no vegetables? Pfft.

Man, look at the soles on those shoes? Capaldi isn’t that short that they need to give him an extra inch, is he?

Hard to judge from one shot. David Tennant had a couple of outfits he went between (mostly the brown one and the blue one). I could see him pull it off.

Style! Nice!

NuWho has been short on actual style. Nine dressed like a thug. Ten dressed like a hipster. Eleven dressed like an Oxford don (with a fez, occasionally).

Twelve looks like he’s stylin’, without the “fop” excesses of Three (no ruffles, no cape, no cravat). Kind of a Victorian/Edwardian fancy-dress type of thing updated.

Hmm. At first I thought the trousers looked like the crotch was dropped sort of low. Then I could see that part of that was the back of his jacket. Still, there’s something about the trousers that I don’t like. Too narrow, too baggy at the ankles. And the pose is very dramatic. I guess we’ll have to see.

Doesn’t do a lot for me, but I’m willing to wait for the man to make the clothes.

I believe the actual description in-universe was “U-Boat Captain.” :slight_smile:

A Magician’s outfit? Big clunky shoes.

Maybe Tom can lend him his scarf?

I’m hoping it will look less like a costume when he’s just casually walking around.

Actually, it looks a bit like what Three wore in his very first appearance:

He’s 1.83m, taller than Matt, so I’m guessing it’s just because Doc Marten Air-Wear soles are generally quite thick.

On the whole though, it’s a strong look. I like it a lot. I notice he has a ring on. I wonder if it’s just Peter’s wedding ring, or if it is part of the costume.

Reminds me a lot of Two’s look. (Save for having a waistcoat and no tie.)

Same here. I think it’s the wrinkles and the high waistband.

The colors are reminicent of Three, as noted a couple of posts up, and he seems to be wearing Nine’s shoes.

Looks like something Dracula would wear if he was a Time Lord.

I don’t understand the comparisons with Pertwee. Other than the dash of red lining, the costumes are almost opposites: Pertwee was a dandy in a frilled shirt and cape, for crying out loud; this is a cardigan and pleated trousers!

FWIW, I like the red lining and the Doc Martin shoes, but the rest is a little off, IMO. I don’t think I’ve seen a jacket like that before, with a very plain outline and very narrow fit, and the crotch-high length. It might look better in action, but it looks quite odd to me. The cardigan underneath seems a bit too fuddy-duddy to go with the jacket. The buttoned-up white shirt sans tie looks like it needs some color; maybe a pair of red question marks on the collar?

And those trousers. Those trousers are horrible! Pleats are never good, and that stance he has in the picture just accentuates the bagginess in the thigh and hips. He looks like an unfashionable English teacher trying out for a part in the school play.

I’m excited about Capaldi, and I think I like where they were trying to go with this (though I’m really not sure what that is), but the execution looks like jumbled mess. At least it’s fairly understated, and probably won’t call much attention to itself when he wears it in action, but in that photo, it’s pretty underwhelming.

I love it. I don’t even mind the pleated pants. Best-looking Doctor since Eccleston, in my opinion.

I like it. I still miss the long muffler though.

I thought it was a flat fronted waistcoat rather than a cardigan. They were pretty popular in the late 1800s/early 1900s, which matches the time period of the coat too.

Well, add me to the ones who thought Pertwee when they first saw the picture. Shoulda done a poll.


Here’s a better link for the picture. It’s a cardigan. And according to the BBC press release, it’s a Crombie coat, which is apparently a more modern 60’s/70’s look. I have a feeling that’s a more contemporary one, though.