The New World Order (again)

I was just doing some quick searching to find an answer to the Why are European police/fire/ambulance lights blue? thread in GQ, and in my research I came across this website (thanks, FAST Search).

Project Freedom.

I’ve only spent a few minutes reading parts of it (there are better things to do on a Sunday afternoon, I’m sure), but I’m wondering - what makes people believe things like this?

I’m sure governments get up to all kinds of things that I will never know about, but I’m also convinced that corruption, infighting and incompetence makes the whole idea of a secret global conspiracy laughable.

I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared that there are people who believe this with deadly seriousness.

Some of the more amusing quotes…

If any of you are bored witless by this kind of tripe, my apologies - but it’s the first time I’ve heard this from a Briton.

I never touched him, ref, honest!
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