The next MMP

There’s only so much you can learn in school. The rest comes at you fast, and you’ve got to be even faster to stay on your feet.

  • No matter how hard you try, you can’t buy a beer in Easton Maryland after midnight on a Saturday. No kidding, the whole damn town just shuts down. There was a place I thought I could get a drink, the bar of the historic hotel in the middle of downtown. But there was a lot of blood on the floor, and the police were taking statements from people, including the bartender. So he was too busy between talking to the cops and moping up the blood to open up a beer for me, even though I was a guest at the hotel. Four star my ass.

  • If someone who is related to the woman you are going to marry makes you tunaburgers, couscous with lemon sauce and tomatoes, and cucumber soup, just shut up and eat it. Nothing you can say will ever get her to believe that you are allergic to one thing in each of those dishes. Especially when your fiance chokes it all down, and then sits there and makes pukey faces at you when our host isn’t looking.

-If you are at a fundraising dance for special needs kids, and the theme is Beach Party, no matter how beachy you dress, the best you can do is come in second place if one of the other contestants is a special needs kid that benefits from the fundraiser and dance. Just smile and applaud, and try to find someone who can actually use those Bowie Bay Sox tickets. 'Cause you know you ain’t gonna drive four hours in the middle of the workweek to watch a farm club you never heard of.

  • Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson is buying a house in the same neighborhood and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Pretty weird, huh?

Me first!

Heh, I just wanted to do that.

Nice MMP, Sean. What was the blood on the floor about? Not that it should have stopped you getting your alcohol. That’s just outrageous. :dubious:

So, I had a date today. I might’ve mentioned that my first online IRL date was kinda meh. Today’s date was a younger guy, and he wins an award for sheer persistence. He’d contacted me first (even though our match percentages were too low for OkCupid to allow us to IM each other off the bat) and although his picture was cute I didn’t really think we had anything in common. Plus I got a slight “has a thing for Asian girls” vibe, which I’m rather wary of. We exchanged an email or so, then I ignored him for a few weeks, thinking he would get the message and stop contacting me. But he didn’t. I might’ve been creeped out, but his emails were always really polite and considerate, so in the end I thought, “What the hell, I’m not doing anything on Sunday anyway.”

He looked exactly like his pictures, which was good. We had dinner, a few drinks, then played some pool. He dumped a whole bunch of quarters into the jukebox and asked me to pick some songs, which I thought was cute of him. The conversation was decent, although he had a tendency to be somewhat wordy - I could tell he liked the sound of his own voice. And . . . he was just so much younger than me. Not in terms of age - a lot of my friends from grad school are his age, and I never think of them as my juniors - but just his manner and outlook on life and sense of humor (at least, from what I could tell in the few hours we hung out). He wasn’t immature, per se, but definitely at a different point in his life from me.

But the evening was still fun. He was floored when I told him I’d never heard of Tupak or something or other (a rap artist/poet?) and I felt like a nerd when I told him my favorite poets were John Donne and T.S. Eliot. When it came time to pay the bill he wouldn’t even let me look at it - and I’m pretty sure it must have been a rather substantial bill. I felt bad about it but he insisted.

Anyway, I enjoyed this date much more than my last. I might meet him for a second date and see how it goes . . . although we have so little in common (he told me he doesn’t read!) that I’m not sure if anything further is going to develop.

Sean, what a wonderfully diverse and interesting OP. What did you do when you got the allergic reactions to all the different foods? I hope the reactions weren’t too bad.

:::bouncing around in nice surprise mode::: You remembered! And I still get to say good night to you. But I really do have to head out soon. I hope you’re having a great day.

Haze, glad you had a fun date tonight. He sounds very cute.

So is everybody over their tiredness from having stayed up all night reading Harry Potter?

I am inexplicably UP. My tummy is rumbling and I’m desperately thirsty. It sounds like I’m getting sick. Gah. I’m never sick and I hate it. I also hate insomnia. I’m perpetually exhausted as it is! Anyway, that’s the report from here. I hope I have time to pop in this week but maybe not.

Sean, how bad am I that I thought that dinner made by your finacee’s relative sounds good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover, but I hadn’t had any beerverages and don’t hangover often anyways.

I must’ve OD’d on HP.

I can never get to sleep on Sunday nights- I hate that. That’s a good part of the reason why I hate Mondays, I bet.

Today I made a blueberry ‘dump cake’. You put blueberries with sugar and cinnamon in the bottom of a cake pan, and then put a dry unmade cake mix on top and then top that with pats of butter all over and bake it until brown. It’s good with vanilla ice cream.

I have never seen a HP movie or read one of the books. I feel so out of it.

:mad: OK, how did all these 'Murkins get in here before me? Roo, it isn’t even Monday for you yet, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

And you’re cute when you bounce :wink:

Sean – nice OP!

**Haze **-- I’d say yes, give him another try; he doesn’t sound half a bad kid. Of course, if he doesn’t read… maybe you should stick to us Humpers after all :wink: What? You gave us that name!

Speaking of reading, am I the only one going to sleep at a reasonable time (what? Yes, 1 AM is reasonable under these circumstances!!) despite not really wanting to put the book down? I’m probably not going to be able to finish it before Wedn. or Thurs. :frowning:

I think I’m still trying to recover from my all-nighter on Friday-Saturday.

I had a very evil moment when I saw someone today reading HP7 outside a cafe as I passed by. For a second I had the urge to yell out the ending. :eek: There’s a Death Eater in all of us.

Well, what in the blue blazes are all you 'murkins doing up at this hour?

Still haven’t made it out of my chair to do the dishes! Been too busy reading LOUNE’s Pit thread ::snerk:: and the tattoo Pit thread - sigh, I just can’t get emotionally invested in it! For what it’s worth, I think SCL and co. are probably right - it’s nobody’s business but yours, and if your tattoo ends up saying “butthead” in kanji, rather than “strength”, well sh*t happens!

Now I really do have to get off my a*se and do something before Her Royal Highness wakes up from her morning nap!

Sean, good advice. I’ve been to Easton–they roll the sidewalks up early there. Maybe I’m weird, but I think tunaburgers and cucumber soup sounds pretty good. Now, tuna and cucumber soup might be a little odd. So if Michael’s going to be Dick Cheney’s neighbor, does that mean he’s moving back to the U.S.? And where did he get the money to buy a new house? Isn’t he broke yet?

Ellen, I hope you don’t have The Sick! Take care of yourself! Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids, and stuff like that. I like ginger ale when my tummy’s rumbly (the good stuff, not Schweppes or something like that, because it doesn’t have much ginger in it).

I’m up way too late, again. There shouldn’t be an MMP before I go to bed on Sunday night. It’s just not right. dotty, I’m up because I have a little bit of insomnia, and I need to go back to bed right now.

Haze, your date sounds sweet, but that not reading thing could be a problem.

Hello all the late night MMPers. As usual, I’m still up, :rolleyes: surprise.
Sean, how Vonnegutesque. Nicely done. And so it goes.

Haze, don’t write him off too soon. Hubby is 18 years younger than I am. We met on AOL 12 years ago. I thought some of the same things you said. We’re best friends and perfect for one another. He keeps me young and I keep him from falling into stupid. :smiley:

I Hope this fits the theme…

My employer wants me (very much to go into managment… The problem is two fold. 1) I am having a blast doing what I do (I work retail in a unique field and am very good at it) and 2) About 5 yrs ago I semi Retired myself from the stresses of magment, so their offer of $3/hr extra isn’t a "big motivator…

Plus If I take their offer, I lose my teaching opportinity at local community college (managers at Job #1 have to keep their evenngs free)… my teaching contract pays $30/hr, and I love teaching the course, but it will NEVER be more than 27 hrs a month (evenings only).

So… do I be Happy… or do I be happier?


Bottles washed and dishes mostly done - just the pots soaking now.

Sean - tuna and cucumber both make me puke, so the thought of having to eat that out of respect for someone I love ties my stomach up in knots!

Haze - just go with the flow! If it doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to, but you’ll never know if you don’t give him a go!

FML - stick with being happy! Follow your gut and don’t fall for the “grass is greener” thing.

What to cook for lunch today??? I think I might try the prosciutto pasta mould, substituting Arab wife’s favourite of turkey bacon for prosciutto (Not exactly authentic, but I can’t complain). Back to housewifery …

Morning all! Great OP, Sean - I guess I can cross that off my list of places to visit, not being able to get a drink in the hotel where you’re staying is nothing short of criminal. I hope they had a good excuse for all the blood, or was that another disgruntled guest with a need for beer?

I have had a tremendously sober weekend, which probably explains why I feel so trashed this morning. Yesterday was a long day, but I’m saving the details for my MMP in a couple of weeks’ time.

Dotty - how are you and Noor today? Are the anti-bees making any difference?

Haze - the date sounds like fun, and maybe he’s worth another try just to see if it really might go anywhere. If not, well, you had some fun along the way.

I’m off in search of caffeine now, I still need to wake up properly!

Good morning MMP! Great OP, Sean. I like tuna burgers. I’m on my two day pre vacation weekend. WooHoo!

Lunch is made and just awaiting some time in the oven before hubby comes home! I think I discovered a new taste sensation! I made cheesy pasta bake, with bacon, mushrooms and onions. The recipe calls for the onions to be fried with a little honey to caramelise them. But I accidentally grabbed the maple syrup squeezy bottle by mistake! Well, looky here - tastes really really nice! Kind of like Canadian breakfast in a pasta dish!

BooFae, Noor is tracking okay after 2 full days on antibiotics - so far only 1 big mushy bowel movement today (and it’s nearly 1pm), so touch wood, maashallah, we are nearly out of this nightmare!

Is this some kind of “Faux Bacon” like we have here? Or is the Gulf a lot more tolerant than some parts of the Muslim world?

::Crosses fingers that things stay as they are::

Special1, we do actually have real bacon here in Bahrain, in the quarantined “pork” section of the supermarket, but it is hideously expensive and hubby is muslim, so I usually buy turkey bacon. I occasionally sneak out on a Saturday with my friends and have a Full English Breakfast for lunch, complete with real bacon and pork sausages! ::evil grin::

I am nonetheless planning to buy some Bacon Salt, just 'cause I think it would be great on scrambled eggs!

This sounds more tolerant than most of our Supermarket chains! :smack: Sometimes I’m surprised they don’t make me buy meat and dairy on separate days :rolleyes:

I think I missed that thread… oh well!