A Random MMP (My first MMP!)

Yes, I know it’s technically still Sunday night where I am, but I wanted to get a leg up on the competiton for this week :smiley: . Anyway, hmmmmmmm, what should I talk about? How about orange chicken. I could start this whole MMP as an ode to their orangey goodness, but I’m not going to. A tad on the spicy side, though. But I still love them. Moving on (no, I can’t keep this on one thing, I don’t know why.), you know what I like to do? Go to a fast-food place, and ask them questions or tell them random things about other places. Like going into McDonald’s and asking for a Whopper. Or ask for shrimp at Wendy’s. Speaking of Wendy’s, the Wendy’s in my town, is the WORST kept-up fast-food place I’ve ever eaten at. This one has a part that kind of juts out into the parking lot, and you can barely see into the restraraunt. Yes. It’s that bad. My aunt is pregnant, and apparently in my family it’s a tradition to name give the baby sort of a pet name before it’s born. I was “Tadpole”. Anyway, my youngest cousin (she’s 4) gave this new cousin its pet name. He or she is “Flower”. Yeah. I was saying, “Flower” skews slightly toward the feminine side, what it it’s a boy? That’s why it should have a nice, gender-neutral pet name, like “Tadpole II”. Also, last night, I had a dream where this lady lured people to her private island, where she tied them up, put them in bags, and ate them. :eek: Also, I had a dream a few years ago where I was on the beach in shorts, when these guys in armor came, climbed palm trees, and threw coconuts at me. Well, that’s about all I’ve got. And so ends this MMPotpourri.

Well, there’s an amalgomation of random thoughts if I’ve ever seen one. In short, that’s the MMP.

Very nice, sir.

I’m headed to Washington D.C. in October (I think) for the Lions/Redskins game. There’s your random tidbit for the night.

In keeping with the randomness:

I found a nice <a href=“http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/succulentchickentikk_86565.shtml”>recipe </a>for chicken tikka. Though I suspect I’m going to make it with naan bread instead cos I like it more.

A kid got on my train with a bike on Sunday evening. We don’t carry bikes. I always find it amusing when people sulk about being kicked off and demand to know how they are supposed to get to their destination. Um…use your bike? Anyways, I was very ‘GET OFFA MY LAWN!!!’ with him.

I cleaned my kitchen floor the other day. Hasn’t been scrubbed properly in about a million years. There’s something incredibly nice about walking into a room and knowing that the floor cannot be any cleaner. :slight_smile:

I have plans for a photography field-trip for the weekend. I get FOUR whole days off. Yay me. Though its killing me to have to work the six preceding days without a break. It will be worth it though.

It’s definitely Monday here.

Did I mention I hate 40 hour work weekends? Maggie Wonderbeagle and I had pizza for dinner. Definitely a MMP, Captain!
Hi zelie! We missed you!

pops in looks around Hey, I like what you’ve done with the place!

Okay, I admit it. I have absolutely nothing to say. Not even random stuff.

points behind you Look! A distraction! runs

:: wanders in ::

Hi, everyone! I’m up late drawing again, so I won’t stick around, but the good news is, a possibility of 2 customers for the drawings I am now allowed to sell! So maybe I’ll get a but of pocket change!

(Although seriously, I would spend the next ten thousand dollars on books and software alone…)

zelie, you have to drive the train and deal with the passengers? There is not a guard on the train as well?

Take care!

:: wanders out ::

Congratulations and good luck with the customers, Sunspace!

Cool, it’s like an entire MMP in one OP. :smiley:

My tooth is all but better. The swelling has almost entirely disappeared, and aside from some residual tenderness that should clear up in a couple of days, I’m back to right – and thank Og.

I’m about to hit the sack though so I’ll cut this short 'til I’m at work in the morning. Night!

Captain Socks, nice stream of consciousness.
I can beat your Wendy’s and raise you a KFC that was a Haz-Mat site because the manager was cooking meth int the back kitchen.
Flowers are both male and female, or there wouldn’t be flowers. Just think of the fetus as a red hot poker flower.

I have an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow. :eek: I’ve been having some wierd tingling in my left arm, leg and the left side of my tongue (face).
I’ll report back when I know something.

Well I have a story…but its all you know, semi unified around one event…not sure it qualifies as MMP. But all weekend I thought how I could post this…
My friend, my three year old Foolieboy and myself decided to go to Duluth MN this weekend for some shopping, and just a “get away.” We left early on Saturday, made good time, opted not to stop for lunch or stuff en route, and then decided to head to the mall right away when we got there on Sat. I suggested, maybe we should check in first, but everyone was hungry, so off to the mall to load up at the Old Country Buffet…
We eat. We shop. (Well I shop. She buys some cereal and aerosol cheese for her sisters kids…) We decided the place is crowded and full of people Im wanting to tell off. (Or their parents… one brood of children running around with clotheshangers in their backs…but this is not the PIT) Foolieboy is clearly overwhelmed and bored. Ok, stop at the grocery get some snacks for the night, go back and get hotel room

Waddaya mean NO VACANCY? Its not a nice hotel, no pool, just a place to sleep. No vacancy…since around 1pm. Ok so we check a few other places. No Vacancy. No Vancany. Signs saying “we have no rooms for the night, we don’t know of other places that have rooms for the night”

We decide to back track to two Harbors. Take the old highway, by the lake. No vancancy. It gets dark and the neon NO part shines out before we can even see its a hotel. Campgrounds full. Two harbours…no rooms at any inn in town. Nothing between there and grand marais…We leave highway 61 and turn on a state highway to head to Ely and Finland MN. Still no rooms. There is roadwork and detours and somehow we ended up doing a big circle around… It was getting to be around 1 am Eastern (my body clock time) midnight central. We pulled into a campground and slept in the car.

This morning we drive around a bit, and find out that truly there were no hotel rooms in Northern MN available this weekend. Sorry we found a few resort lodges with “cabins” left… for 350 or more a night.

LIke I said , we slept in the car. It was cold, and foolieboy does not like to pee in the bushes. I made him do that and he told me “it feels strange on my butt”. Also when I promptet him to pee outside yet again in the night “Mom, my penis is empty, I don’t have to go!”

This morning we wandered back to two harbours, debated the merits of going back into duluth, decided just to head home and stop if we felt like it. had a nice frozen custard in grand marais. threw rocks at the stony beach. No problems at the border.

All in all an interesting trip, but why were there NO rooms available…cabins, hotels, motels, dives, anything available in northern MN this weekend? No special events that anyone knew of… just I guess a bunch of crazy canucks with our high value dollars staying everywhere.

So really, whats up with northern MN and no rooms at the inn? I would have spent more money today, really, if you had let me spend the night.

It can’t be time for a new MMP yet–I’m still up. It’s almost 3:30 am, I can’t sleep, and I have a long-ish drive tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for your sympathy from the last MMP–I thought I’d put it here instead of there, so everyone would see it. It’s going to be a rough week.

picu, I hope everything’s okay. Keep us updated.

Julie, sorry about the hotel snafu! I didn’t know Duluth was a good place for vacations. Minnesota’s a nice place.

zelie, good job on the “GET OFFA MY LAWN!” I need to start practicing for when I get old and grumpy (well, I’m already grumpy, so I just need to get a little older and I’ll be official).

Well, I get up bright and early on my first day of my switch to first shift, all ready to post up the MMP I had agreed to host and what do I see but a waaaaaaaaaay early MMP! That’s jake though. I can save this one for next week, bein’ as gt says we don’t have a [del]sucker[/del] volunteer for that one yet.

Nice OP there Socks. Spicy orange chicken is good. I’ve had orange chicken that wasn’t spicy, sorta sweetish instead and it was not real good. It’s gotta have that spicy/sweet thing goin’ on to be good orange chicken. The nastiest fast food place on earth was the DQ in northwest Albeeeny til somebody else bought it, closed it down for a month and remodeled it. Now it’s good again, which is jake cause I like DQ.

picu hope everything’s ok. I’ll keep ya in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know what the doc says.

Jules who knew northern Minisoda was such a tourist hotbed.

Ok, off to caffienate some more then get myself in gear to go to work at the brewry. Have I mentioned how much I hate this shift changin’ stuff?

Happy Monday Y’all!

Up and caffeinating here too, and getting ready for work.

Nice OP, Captain Socks; my consciousness is just getting kick-started, though, so it’s certainly not ready for streaming yet. :wink:

I’ve found that orange (and lemon) chicken vary from one Chinese restaurant to another–sometimes greatly. I had a cashew chicken once that was very tasty, but whenever I ordered it afterwards, it would come out a completely different dish! The kind I had & liked was where the cashews had been sauteed and had caramelized some; the dish I would get had a white sauce and the cashews were just thrown in at the last moment, it seemed. I was told at some point by someone in the know to ask first if they made brown sauce chicken cashew.

Picunurse, hope things go well at the doctor; you’re in my thoughts today. Swampy, hope you’ll do okay with your shift change this week - and FCM also.

Where’s Dotty?! Hope all is okay with her & HRH.

Happy MMP all!

Off to work, see y’all tonight. Play nice!

Heh, **dogbutler **I think it should be part of your fee here to say ‘welcome back zelie’ every MMP, even the ones I don’t post to.

Sunspace, no guards. The last guards went in about '99 and long before that on my line.

**picunurse **I hope everything is OK. Good luck.

My usual morning DJ has disappeared! I say ‘morning’ but its about lunchtime now. That’s morning for me though. But where’s my DJ? I hate it when they go on holiday and someone else has to fill in on the radio. It quite disturbs my listening pleasure. Hmmmph. GET BACK ON YOUR LAWN MORNING DJ!!!

So, this is now officially this week’s MMP? OK…

I thought I had time today… which was good since I spent another ([del]boring and useless :frowning: :rolleyes:[/del] exciting) day on Reserves and figured I’d get online just about in time to join Swampbeer’s MMP. And then saw there’s bee a new one for just about ever! (Nice OP, BTW, Cap’n :))

**Mork **-- glad you’re better!

**picu **-- Hope it’s all OK!!

Where is Dotty? and BooFae, too, for that matter… and while I do know where **Nava **is (Hi Nava! Glad the convention was fun!), if it weren’t for **Zelie **joining us, I’d be the only Un-American left! McCarthy would have been proud :eek:

Oh, and where’s Roo? You didn’t pop in to say good morning to me (and get some random dig in. You’ll have to try harder to get a rise out of me, though :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, I do see the double meaning :D). Don’t you love me anymore?

I’m home. I survived my first Shift From Hell. I’m going to bed now - I’ll read later.

So please keep it down - I’m in serious need of beauty sleep…

Mrfghgrrg. Good morning.

I need tea. Napanee is not the tourist capital of Canada. The relatives are okay.

Bloody phone repairman. “He’ll be there between eight a.m. and four p.m.” I shouldn’t be awake.

I thank the OP for helping me figure out what the other M stands for in MMP.

'Morning, everybody. Seeing how there are new people cropping up all over the place, I’ve made a resolution that I’m going to actively participate this week.

I’ve already overslept this morning–grrr.