The next Steorn Orbo?

I don’t know what to make of this. Sounds like another “free energy” scam, but there is too little information to even call it that.

Sure has the earmarks of fakery. Page after page of Google hits all seem to quote or link to the same press release.

Absolutely and without any possible doubt, a scam - it fails multiple criteria of the Baloney Detection Kit.

There’s a Wikipedia page about it that gives some more details:

It’s all about the hydrinos.

:mad: Laugh all you like! They laughed at the Dean Drive! Ha! Wait . . .

They laughed at Jerry Lewis too. Well, anyway, in France they laughed at him. But that counts doesn’t it?

So they haven’t built a working unit yet, and the first one they plan to built will (maybe, if it works) power a single 100 watt bulb.

Wanna guess that ground-floor dealerships are available for cash money?

I saw this French comedy once, and lost all doubt as to the French appreciating Jerry Lewis.

I accidentally a whole Blacklight. Is this bad?

Yes. It’s missing a verb.

The amazing thing is how many entities he’s gotten to give him money despite his claims being a huge pile of scientific nonsense. According to the wiki he’s collected over 90 milion dollars.

I think it’s rather telling that the article is in ECN which looks suspiciously like a fake copy of EDN (Electronic Design News) which is an old school electronic technology news magazine.

. . . ermmm . . . It’s still a dead-end, dammit! It can’t compare or compete with BrainGlo, my safe, clean, matter-to-energy direct-converter! Now under development! Get in on the ground floor!

ECN and EDN are both real magazines.
ECN is Electronic Component News, EDN is Electronic Design News.


This is a free energy scam that’s been around for over a decade, which has the premise that there is a lower energy state for a single hydrogen atom than the ground state - and there’s plenty of evidence that this is completely ridiculous.
<Correction> Over two decades - it started in 1991

Crazy ideas never die, they just get legs.