The Nine 11/22

This wasn’t on last week, but anyway…tonight we continue with some more confrontations over the goings-on at the bank hold-up.

Okay, I’m now in serious Nick-lust. I missed the opening moments with his ex-wife, so I had no clue what the whole storyline is with her, except she’s an undercover cop whose cover is blown, but when they started grabbing each other…oh, man! I’m sure he was channeling a bit of his Katherine-lust onto his ex, but who cares…the man is hot!

I’m not liking the new direction with Katherine and Ed and the mayor (seriously scary-looking actor, by the way) that is hinted at in the previews for next week. I can never follow all the political back-stabbing kinds of plots. But I thought it was pretty obvious, when Nick came to have a talk with Ed, that Ed thought the discussion was going to be about Nick’s feelings for Katherine, not work-related. And he was very surprised when Nick congratulated him on the engagement…you could just see that Ed knows that Nick is what made Katherine hesitate.

And finally we get the reveal of the terrible thing that Jeremy did to Lizzie inside the bank. I thought it was nice that he owned up to it, and wouldn’t let Lizzie take the blame for their break-up (though they do spend more time together now that they are broken-up!). I’m sure Frannie doesn’t know what he did in the back hallway, but we still have to hear how the two of them got so hot and heavy as a result.

This one was so-so, although it was good to finally find out what happened to doctor guy in the bank that made girlfriend lose interest. I liked the stuff with Nick’s wife, but all this lovie-dovie getting back together stuff is not what I want to see. I assume next week people will start getting pushed apart-- especially Audrey and Dudley Do-right. Floxx is starting to get irritating.

I haven’t even gotten to watch my tape yet…I’ll see if I can do so tonight.

Great scene at the dinner table with the revelation from Jeremy.
Egan’s got to get kicked out sooner or later, unless he gets it together.

Especially after his prim little speech about “why did I get frisked when I came home?” though I did love the part where he said…" she apologized, we hugged…"

And that apparently was the last episode for the series.

Well of course it is. Yet another show I enjoyed gets the axe, the boot, the dagger up the strap.

I disagree with the review, BTW. Once the mysteries of the bank wer revealed, the show would’ve been perfectly fine continuing as a regular dramatic series, following the lives of the Nine. I for one would’ve been interested in an exploration of how long a common traumatic experience would’ve been sufficient to bind the group together, which of them would’ve peeled off from the group first and so on.

And what would be so wrong with following the lead of British TV and having The Nine be a limited-run series…not a mini-series, because for some reason they like to run those on consecutive nights and I always miss or forget to tape one night. But just one or two seasons, planned that way from the beginning? I hope they do bring it back from hiatus to finish up the season. I’m watching less and less TV as it is these days because of these pre-emptive cancellations

Crap. I had a feeling ABC had shiv’ed this show when I noticed that my scheduled recording of this week’s “The Nine” had turned into “20/20” today. :frowning: Smith, Vanished, and now the Nine. Somehow the weakest of the new shows I decided to watch, Studio 60, is still on the air. Weird world, network TV is…