The Nine 10/18

The young teenage girl wants to remember what happened, but it looks like her dad doesn’t want to go back through it all.
Otherwise…I don’t know what to expect, so I’ll check back with you later.

Ok, I know this is TV, but I’ve always wondered - if you call 911, but can’t talk do they just hang up? Try to see if they hear anything that would occasion the 911 call?

I know that if it’s a land line they automatically know the address and a car is dispatched to check it out. I don’t know what they would do with a cell phone.

Tonight’s show was much better I thought. Starting to see more depth in the characters and more individuality. I still don’t know their names, but the actor playing the DA is doing a great job. The doctor is just creepy to me.

Love the way they’re reaching out to each other and also making themselves available to each other when needed. I guess because the hostage situation was 52 hrs long it made an intense bonding experience.

I thought they’d lost me last week, but I’m still here.

HA! I was right in last week’s thread…Randall didn’t die! Strange that Nick is assigned to the case…are there no other cops in town?

I realize that the mom must have been released fairly early on, but surely she was in there long enough to be considered part of the group, right? So why isn’t it “The Ten” and why doesn’t she seem to be suffering any after-effects? I thought the discussion of the attorney’s terminated pregnancy (can’t keep all the names straight just yet) was done very nicely…liked the mom’s reaction to the news.

So Jeremy is going to use the argument that if he’d known from the first about the baby, his affections wouldn’t have wandered off during the hostage situation? Is that what that line meant? Or does he mean that if he’d known before he went to visit Frannie that afternoon, things might be salvagable?

Why didn’t they get the idea of helping Felicia by telling her what happened earlier? Certainly they’ve all had to tell their stories to the police by now…and why was her dad so cruel as to make his wife leave the room while they talked to Felicia? She needs to know what went on in there, too, and I’m sure she could have sat quietly in a corner and watched…that marriage is doomed, too, I think.

I believe that cell technology is such that the call can be narrowed down to a very small area, if not pinpointed, by 911, and I’m sure Los Angeles would be at the forefront of any such tech so it could be that the cops were able to pinpoint the bank. It could also be that the 911 op heard something through the phone or that someone got ahold of the phone and said something. The last we saw it was just sort of spinning in the middle of the floor.

He’s not assigned to the case. He was at the hospital and heard about the code and the assigned detective told him he was looking at Social Worker. Nick then went to the forensics guy at the other crime scene and learned about the potassium, and asked him to sit on it for a day.

I’m still not entirely clear on who “The Nine” are. s the dead hostage sister one of the Nine? Is the not-shot brother? Confusing.

BTW, Mom had the best exchange of the ep. DA Lady gets her the tranquilizers and Mom says something like “that’s such a large bottle” and the DA Lady’s like, “can we do this later?” Heh. Brilliant. I love throwaway stuff like that.

I wondered why Felicia didn’t seek out newspaper and TV coverage of the standoff. As for why Malcolm and the others didn’t just tell her, it’s pretty clear that Malcolm was trying to protect her from re-living whatever happened. They’re all having trouble dealing with the experience so if she can’t remember it she doesn’t have to deal with it the same way. He said repeatedly that he didn’t want her to remember and that he was protecting her by not telling her. Remember the way he had to be literally pried off the edge of the counter while she’d been hidden behind him at the bank. He finally decided that shielding her was doing more harm than good.

As for Mom not being in the room, I don’t think that was cruel. I think it was pretrty clear from the expression on Mom’s face that she understood that this was something that the people involved had to do without “outsiders.”

Damn. I was for sure that the girl remembered everything, but was lying about it.

And as for her seeking out media coverage, I don’t think that would delve too much into the details that she is really seeking. She wants to know the nitty-gritty of what happened to her and the others.

My TV is a bit fuzzy, so I didn’t really see Mom’s reaction. But come on! If I were the wife and mother of two hostage victims, I would want to know exactly what they had gone through in there so that I could understand and help, especially if my daughter is claiming amnesia. I think the Mom character has been suffering all along with her husband’s refusal to discuss anything, especially where it deals with Felicia.

And I understand that Frannie didn’t feel she could work in that building again, but surely there are other branches of that bank that she could be transferred to, or to work in the bank’s behind-the-scenes, non-public-exposed services at other locations. I know tons of people who work for banks, but aren’t in contact with the banking public! Even if she is unskilled, there are secretarial jobs and cleaning jobs and every other kind of job available. I realize that finding her a new job for the same company would reduce some plot lines, but at least it could have been offered!

And Felicia has to remember more than she’s letting on…why else would she be visiting a complete stranger in jail and acting as if they have some sort of friendly relationship? If you couldn’t remember what had happened to you in a situation, but knew there was a bad guy there, would you seek him out, calling him by his first name, and acting as if you’d known him forever, if you couldn’t remeber anything that had happened? Even if you did so to see him, you’d be a bit more apprehensive about the experience, doncha think?

I like the characters of Felicia and Egan the most. I’m now finally getting into the rhythm of the show, too.
Are they planning to cover one hour of the holdup per episode, as on 24?

Mom may be suffering in general, and I’m sure she wants to know what went on. But she’s also smart enough to understand that this isn’t about her. It’s about helping Felicia and for this one particular meeting she didn’t belong.

Just got around to this episode on the DVR, and I’ve got to say I’m somewhat surprised that it’s still keeping my interest; I was afraid I’d be frustrated by the lack of details provided about what actually happened, and impatiently write it off. But the actors are selling it for me - that scene at the bank when Felicia broke in and her father confronted her was just heartbreaking - I thought Chi McBride and Dana Davis were perfect there. Kim Raver as Kathryn Hale (the A.D.A.) is another standout; both the phone call scene (when Lizzie called in a panic during her court session) and the abortion revelation were very well done.

As to who the actual “Nine” are - I’d noted before the way the ABC site frames the characters in their “About” section lists ten characters, including Eva and Lucas (the robber in prison). I don’t think Kathryn’s mother was inside long enough to have become part of the group that bonded; they’d mentioned earlier she was grateful to Nick for getting her out of there early - I guess we’ll have to wait to see exactly how and why that happened. If you freeze-frame the show’s opening graphic (the shattered-glass-looking collage), the nine depicted include Lucas, but not Eva.