The Nine 10/25

Not a whole lot of flashbacks this time, nor recovered memories, but more time spent on the brothers who committed the crime. One needs a piece of the other’s liver.
Good scenes with Egan in the bar and the next morning, hungover as hell. I hope his wife isn’t off the show for good, though. They play off of each other so well, married IRL too.

I’m a little confused by the whole lawyer/court thing. Is Katherine’s boyfriend going to be prosecuting the case, or what? Why did they joke that they couldn’t talk about it? And now Nick is gambling again…though we really don’t know if he ever stopped. I got a kick out of the name of the hotel Eagan went to stay in…The Singleton…but why did he then show up at Nick’s?

Because even if he’s not prosecuting it personally, he does work for the prosecuter’s office and she’s a witness.

He was lonely. His “I thought you might want some company” was just a transparent ruse for an excuse to go to Nick’s.