The Office, 11/19/09. (open spoilers)

I can’t really comment on whether I liked the episode or not because my damn cable feed has many occasional ‘hiccups’, (bandwidth I think), What did Michael purpose to the shareholders? Was Michael right to be pro-active, (did it help and was he right for calling the CEO an idiot?), or was HE being an idiot promising things that are beyond the realm of anyone’s possible dreams?

I don’t even know if Oscar was being cowardly, or if he didn’t have any ‘big picture’ ideas. Whatever Michael said, the crowd still seemed to turn around unrealistically fast. Even if it was big, they would still be skeptical… (I’m guessing)

LOVED the end with them driving off in the limo.

I think Michael calling the CEO an idiot was just one of those moments where Michael gets something right in the middle of many stupid things.

Loved how Jim proved his authority and how quickly Ryan turned his attitude around.

I would agree with you if I knew what he told the shareholders was feasible or could buy them more time. If the company’s going under anyway, why not through out a ‘Hail Mary’?

“Is there Internet in here?”

I was thinking that some sort of plan would come together to save DM. Something obvious and simple that would get all the coworkers cheering like execs giving up bonuses and cars. You can’t have that at DM though. Showing the stock price for DMI at the end was hilarious.

So many moments that made me cringe - it was classic Office.

My take on it was that Oscar knew what D-M had done wrong but he had no clue how to fix it. Maybe some cowardice too – he still has a job to think about.

I like what they’re doing, showing how difficult it is to accept a former co-worker (especially one who was a bit of a slacker) as your new boss.

Ok, so far as I’ve found looking on the internet it had to do with a point plan?

Michael didn’t have anything. He claimed that when they came back they would reveal a 45- day (which became a 45-point, a point a day) plan. And they would go completely carbon neutral.

“How is he going to have grandchildren?”

I think Oscar knows that DM is pretty much fucked at this point, and it’s too late to do anything now.

Michael’s blank stare when Wallace told him that there was no plan was excellent.

He should have known bringing Michael to the meeting would be a complete disaster. What was he thinking?!

I enjoyed the episode, although it did stretch believability to have anyone think bringing Michael Scott to a shareholder meeting would be anything other than a disaster, particularly after the company picnic.

I think the way to think about it is not that everything that happens in all the episodes happens in the same time stream, but rather they’re all things that happen in alternate universes, where each individual universe only gets a small portion of the over the top shenanigans.

I was disappointed that Oscar didn’t have any real ideas. He’s as full of shit as any of the suits. I was expecting that he would be able to cut through the bullshit and give them a clear plan to follow.

Wallace is not rude like Michael, but he is every bit as much of an idiot when it comes to the behavior of people. Michael was absolutely right in calling them morons. Morons who make 10 times as much as he does.

He didn’t call the CEO an idiot, he called the Former Senator and idiot. It’s not entirely clear what the Ex-Senator’s position on the board is.

My DVR cut off, what did Dwight end up doing at the mike at the end?

He gave suggestions on how to make the question line more efficient. Included were a number system and a different line for questions of ten words or less.

God bless you Recyclops, and your cold robotic heart.

If ifs and buts were candies and nuts then every day would be Erntedankfest.

Thanks for answering!

I liked the episode but still think the shareholders turned too quickly. Loved the different receptionists.

I hadn’t thought of this before, but you make a good point. How can anyone who knows Michael think it’s a good idea to sit him in front of a live mic or even allow him to speak in public?

I think David & Michael are two sides of the same coin. Where Michael needs others to believe he is the best, David wants to believe the best of others.

They’re like a perfect storm of stupid.

I was hoping so, too. That being said, I think it just shows that they are really and truly fucked. Thing is, Oscar admits it. The suits tell everyone that it’s all under control and blah blah, give us your money and trust.


New York looked more like Los Angeles to me.