The Office 11/2

The Duwali Song! Classic!

The Kama Sutra for lovely cultural images…Creed knowing position names by heart and the drunk woman also having a passing familiarity.

Creepiest moment: “She looks like Pam from the neck down.” “Pam wishes.”

And too bad I guess Jim will end up in bed with his co-worker. And Roy is hanging around wishing for another chance with Pam?

“I’m a vegetarian, what’s vegetarian here?” “It’s all vegetarian.” “I’ll just have some bread.”

“Chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow, what’s so hard about that?”

It was a costume party, so Carol wears the cheerleader outfit. Poor thing.

Ryan == Zach Braff.

I cracked up when Ryan told Kelly’s parents he was saving money to travel and buy an Xbox. Yes, that’s EXACTLY what they wanted to hear. Good for him for being honest though; goodness only knows what Kelly has been telling her parents about him.

Also: “That’s the Union of the Monkey.” Even if Creed only has one line in an episode, it’s usually the best one.

Michael trying the cliche smooch with Pam was hilarious.

“Maybe you have mono.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Michael and Carol have only been on 9 dates? In what, like a year?

I wonder what Pam texted to Jim? Will we ever find out?

So, apparently Dwight knows more about Hindu mythology than Kelly, who only knows that Duwali is “really old.” I loved when Michael shut Dwight with “It’s not Lord of the Rings.”

Pam: What, what, what are you . . .
Michael: What am I? What are you, what are you doing?
Pam: I’m rejecting your kiss

most painful moment in the history of television, followed closely by

Michael: [sigh] these aren’t my shoes
Pam: Say one more word and I’m pulling over

I suspect Pam initially told Kelly she didn’t think she’d go because she was probably hanging around the office hoping Jim would call again.

Michael and Carol’s first date was Casino Night, back in May. The show unfolds more or less in real time, so they had seven other dates in the five months between Casino Night and Duwali.

“And, now I know, it makes me really sweaty for work.”

As is often the case, my fave line came from Kevin:

“This is the best meeting ever!”

Shame that Jim is going to get date raped by the girl with the weird mouth.

I didn’t really like this episode. It seemed uneven. I think there was alot of time wasted.

I see you got your “Jump to Conclusions” mat.

I’m willing to bet that Ryan is kind of saving up for the stuff the Kelly’s parents want (as well as the Xbox) … but “he knows what he said.”

and that would be bad, why? she is sex on wheels. Pam 7.0*
I think purse girl was Pam 6.0

If Jim has a problem with that, I’ll ‘take one for the team’.

I was surprised when he corrected their belief that he was a temp. I wasn’t sure why he would want to look any more favorable to them!

Hmmm, was Toby being sneaky about the Kama Sutras…“These are completely inappropriate; I’m going to have to take them all” [back to his office for a more thorough investigation??]

Date rape? Cringingly embarrassing episodes are one thing but I hope they don’t go that far.

If Ryan’s anything like the single guys I know that are roughly his age, and I know a bunch of them, he probably is saving for exactly what he said plus maybe a new car. My husband was so thrilled when we bought everything we needed with our wedding present gift cards and I said we could use the leftover balance to buy a PS2! :slight_smile:

Well I was being snarky about calling it date rape but if the situation was at all reversed you know that’s what it would be called.

a stroke of luck!

Not a chance. Toby has proven over and over that he’s the stickler when it comes to all sorts of compliance issues re: harrassment, protocol, sensitivity, etc. Once Andrea voiced her objection, that’s all he needed to be Michael’s spoiler (is there any doubt why Michael hates him more than anyone else in the office?)