The Office - Casino Night

This show is starting to rival Arrested Development. I can hardly start listing the great things in this episode.

Toby’s list of problems with having children at Casino night

Jim’s telekinsis

Creed’s stealing

Creed’s experience at the soup kitchen.

I hope this show lasts forever.

Pam and Jim kissed.

And the show ended.


Bastards! I kept waiting for scenes from the next episode…

“The hero gets the girl! Who saw that one coming? Well I did.”

This show is so good.

They really know how to do romance on this show.

Creed was my favorite character in this episode. He’s such a bastard, and he knows it, and he doesn’t care.

Dwight’s attempt at telekinesis had me rolling, especially when they showed the bobblehead looking back at him.


I am so freakin’ thrilled right now. I was NOT expecting it. I was expecting a huge cliffhanger with Pam finding out Jim was transferring, and we’d have to wait until October to find out anything.

She loves him, too!!! After that conversation with her mom before the kiss - “Yeah, Mom, I think I am.”. She SO loves him, too.

I don’t think I have ever been quite so happy at a season finale.


Jim steps up! I really thought he was going to be all noble and tortured and shit. I want to be that dude.

I also wouldn’t mind meeting a woman as hot and desperate as Jan. She drives 2 hours to see Michael? Poor thing.

Nice poker scene with Kevin losing- “I have an Ace”- “it’s a flush!”

It’s going to be very interesting to see where they go with this. Romantic tension is a very tricky thing to deal with for a series. Although the Jim and Pam thing has been note-perfect so far (even better than the British show, I think), they have to resolve it sooner or later. It looks like they’ve taken a step in that direction but now comes the tricky part. If Jim and Pam become a couple, will that destroy on of the show’s most endearing dynamics? If they don’t become a couple, it just becomes even more unsatisfactory and more of the same.

Personally, I hope they allow Jim and Pam to have a relationship and find ways to mine it for humor. The tension won’t be the same but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Kevin’s going to be bummed if the wedding gets cancelled and his band doesn’t get to play, though.

Oddly enough, this is about the ONLY show on the air where I trust the writers to handle it right. They’ve handled it pretty much picture-perfect this entire season, and I think they can continue it with the two as a couple.

Poor Kevin. He gets a shot, and now he’s going to lose it. Of course, Roy finally steps up to the plate, and it looks like it’s not going to come to fruition. I almost feel bad for him. Almost.


I adore this show.

When Jim met Pam outside, and was getting ready to say something, my mind was already filling in the “I might be leaving” speech - I actually gasped when he said, “I’m in love with you.” AAAAAHHHH! :eek: And then he cried. :frowning: Poor Jim. John Krasinski did such a wonderful job. Actually, Jenna did great too - looking totally terrified. And I love that she said, “What are you doing,” practically acknowledging that everything was OK as long as they pretended they were platonic, and he was breaking the rules.

And then of course, the rest of the show was entertaining as hell. Creed stole the show (literally), loved Ryan’s face as he ordered Kelly’s ridiculous drink, Pam’s assistance in Michael’s phone conversations, Angela’s conspicuous formality with Dwight, and of course, Tobey: “I’m gonna chase that feeling.” :smiley:

I loved the moment when Dwight kissed Angela and she slapped him and we see them both basically grinning as she stormed off. Either they were secretly enjoying the game or excited by the taste of a little rough sex. You’ve got to wonder which.

Great episode! So proud of Jim to seek Pam out and kiss her when she’d sent him away, and yes, I think she did admit to her mom that she has feelings for him. And then she kisses him back…

Loved that moment between Angela and Dwight when she said, “then roll an eight” and then the whole slap/smile thing!

And I wasn’t quite sure where Jan was coming from until you saw her eyes when Dwight asked where she was spending the night, reeling off lists of hotels and then asking if she was staying with Michael…and then the scene in the car with the overnight bag, and she confession to Jim…so great!

This is what I love about this show – I’m both worried and hopeful about where they’re going with the Jim/Pam relationship. In most sitcoms, any kind of resolution of the romantic tension at the heart of the show is the kiss of death for the series. But it can get just as tedious to do the Ross & Rachel (i.e. they’re together, wait, now they’re not, but now they are again, but now they’ve had some kind of crazy misundertstanding and they’ve broken up).

Managing the Jim and Pam dynamic is going to take a nimble touch by the writers, but this episode convinced me they’re up to it.

I have been so impressed with this show and the finale didn’t disappoint. The Jim and Pam thing was so well crafted. I can’t wait for next season.


Okay, my tape crapped out, so I missed Survivor, Earl, Office and the first half of ER. (I didn’t notice until 10:30…doh!) I honestly don’t much care about the others, but I’m pissed as hell at myself for missing the extended season finale of my very favorite show. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown to love The Office…it’s fantastic.

Don’t bother recommending any online viewing…I’m on dialup. Anyone got it on a VHS tape they wanna send me? Heh, mostly kidding with that.

So, since TWOP is slow to put up its recaps, could you guys help me out with as much of a detailed episode guide as you can handle writing?

Also, how “extended” was it? Do you think I’ll be able to see it on reruns without it being too cut up? (They had better show it again at some point before next season, or I’ll pout like a motherfuck.)

I suck.

I can’t help you with the recap- I’ll let someone with TiVo come along and take care of that. I just wanted to mention my favorite line, when Michael was talking about having two different women at casino night: “I’m gonna drop a deuce on everyone tonight”.


Omg, omg, omg! It’s scary to me how much I have emotionally invested in Jim and Pam–it’s like I think they’re real people. :smiley: Maybe it’s because Birdman and I had a similar “friendship” at work. But we freaked out at Jim’s whole confession and at the end…we had to rewind it to when Roy left and watch again! I was so jazzed I couldn’s sleep!

For some reason NBC comes in really dark on my TV (I can barely see what’s going on in the squadrooms on L&O) so I didn’t see him crying :frowning: . Awww. I LOVED how they just got right to him saying he loved her, instead of buildup right then. I know the months have been a build-up, but that’s in his head and in reality people do just blurt out what they’ve been thinking about for so long.

And then when he shows up inside; I love that real-life feeling of the object of your affection approaching and you know something great is going to happen. They really pulled this off.

<< I just want you to know. Once. >> <tear>

“The hero gets the girl” ?? We’ll see!

Yeah, I had to put whatever stupid commercial was on on mute so I could really digest what had happened. I love those characters!

Me, either :smiley: - it was awful - I was so keyed up and happy that I had a hard time falling asleep - and I NEVER have a hard time falling asleep lately.

ElzaHub and I were talking last night about it, and I think the reason we’re so emotionally attached to Pam and Jim is because it doesn’t feel like watching a sitcom (this is not another Ross and Rachel, regardless of what Kristen from E! Online says) - it almost feels like eavesdropping on them. There wasn’t any audience screaming when they kissed, no ‘woo-hoos!’ (except maybe in homes…:D), it was this quiet, private moment that just happened to be caught by documentary cameras. So you almost feel like you’re part of what’s going on, if only in a bystander kind of way.


Exactly…it just looks so real! The hesitation but the knowledge of just having to go for it. THANK GOD THERE IS NO LAUGH-TRACK/STUDIO AUDIENCE.

Now I remember when Pam was saying how happy she is right now, because she’ll be married soon, and having Jim around makes the wedding planning easier.

And you know she is glowing and happy because of Jim, not Roy and the wedding.