The Office 3/30

I’m shocked to find there’s no Office thread yet.

We had to pause the TiVo for laughter after Ryan’s reaction to overhearing Dwight and Angela’s “cookie” conversation.

I liked Pam and Jim at the Rite-Aid. It was especially cute that she didn’t have anything particularly clever to say into the store’s PA, but she sure was having fun.

And of course Oscar can ice skate really well! :wink:

And according to IMDb, Eva Longoria’s birthday is March 15th.

Are we to assume that the real estate agent who sold Michael his condo is single? And she might actually be interested in Michael?

That’s certainly the impression I got. The actress, Nancy Walls, is not single but she is interested in Steve Carell, who plays Michael – they’re married IRL.

Ryan’s reaction to the cookie conversation may have been the funniest silent thing I’ve ever laughed at.

That was the impression I got as well. The prospect of Michael trying to juggle a love triangle is beyond hilarious.

This wasn’t a very funny episode… the mistaken stripper bit is beyond old hat at this point.
The ‘cookie’ conversation was the highlight.

The “More You Know” ad parodies were freaking hilarious though. Especially Dwights and the final one with Kelly. “Some guys think they are soooo great… But they’re not.”

Yes. Even better than the puppet from when Michael was a kid on the TV show.

I hope that you guys didn’t skip through the commercials. Did you see the fake Public Service Announcements with Dwight, Kelly and Ryan?

We missed the Dwight PSA. What did he say?

Kelly’s was hilarious, and quite true. I’ve known plenty of guys who thought they were so great, and weren’t.

These have been referenced on another thread – there are lots on NBC’s site that weren’t on last night.

I get a very strong feeling that working on The Office is a lot of fun.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I was home to watch it live rather than on TiVo – because I would have fast forwarded though those “PSAs”!

Dwight’s was before the episode officially started. It was about what to do when you’re attacked by a bear. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Dwight the character rather than Rainn the actor doing a real one.

Pam and Jim had so much fun just doing an every day thing like shopping at the drug store. Just like their life would be together. Do you think that Roy has ever gone shopping with Pam?

OMG, these are killing me!!

Yes, thanks for the link. I guess I didn’t see the other thread where they were mentioned.

Angela: “But no cookie.”
Dwight: “But what if I’m… hungry?”
Angela: “No cookie.”

I guess that answers the question of how far that relationship has gone, if my understanding of the ‘cookie’ euphamism is correct.

“Apperntly, negative in the medical world is a good thing. Unlike the rest of us in the real world.”

Or something like that.

I just love the little things, like when Michael first gets to the office and he walks by Jim at his desk and he say “hi” and kind of pauses. He then starts to awkwardly go into his office, clearly wanting Jim to wish him a happy birthday. Which Jim eventually does.

Yes, Pam’s “it was a good day” after spending the day with Jim, echoing Jim’s “it was a good day” from the premier? ep after Pam puts her head on his shoulder…

I can’t believe I missed the PSAs! Must upgrade player to watch now.

Jim’s Fugitive one is totes awesome.

As much as I cringed, I really laughed at Michael’s reaction to Kevin’s news. “That is bad news for both of us” as he storms off, with his cake, to his office.

I didn’t start one this AM because I was SURE that there had to be on and I was just missing it - thanks for stepping up

I missed it last night and just watched it on iTunes. The PSAs weren’t included. Is there anywhere I could find them?

Whoops, nevermind. I just saw that one of you linked to them on Thanks.

I just looked at the outtakes on the NBC website over lunch. The best one is the one with the guitar from the booze cruise episode. It turns out that the actor who plays Creed is playing himself.

Ryan’s reaction is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in 10 years. He was exquisitely uncomfortable.