The Official Nominees For WORST Horror Sequel Ever Are... (SPOILERS MAYBE)

Halloween (2018)…

Actually, that is all of them!

More disappointed than ever! (Spoilers later)

Yeah, the only Halloween movie I ever liked was the Rob Zombie one (whatever happened to him anyway?).

I’ll submit The Ring II

He is about to release a sequel to The Devil’s Rejects called 3 From Hell with the same characters somehow surviving the end of the last movie.

The Fly II from 1989. David Cronenberg’s film The Fly was pretty damned good (even if it messed with the original concept. But the original concept was pretty dumb, so that didn’t bother me). At the studio’s insistence, they changed the film to allow for a sequel. The makeup artist from Cronenberg’s film directed the sequel, which was abominable, badly written, an damned mean-spirited at heart.

Of course, it followed in the footsteps of its predecessor. The original 1957 The Fly had a sequel, Son of the Fly, which was abominably bad, too, with wretched writing and special effects (even if it also had Vincent Price)

I have been told “III” is actually not so bad. But “Exorcist II: The Heretic” was horrible and incomprehensible.

This is a mic drop. Thread ends here.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows is so awful that it ruptured the very fabric of space-time with the overpowering force of its shittiness. If you strapped a running camera to the back of a cat with explosive diarrhea and set it loose in a white room, the resulting footage would be better than Blair Witch 2.

It is proof that Jesus died in vain.

It’s so bad it makes Plan 9 from outer space look like Citizen Kane.

That’s awesome. Love his work.

I’ve learned two things here today:

  1. I’m never going to watch Blair Witch 2.
  2. I’m first in line to see any movie Max Torque creates.

Okay. Should’ve added all Rob Zombie attempts to do something with a camera (can’t call that filmmaking). Forgot that we should feel sorry for Michael because he was bullied, hence he becomes supernatural. :rolleyes:

Rob Zombie did two Halloween movies. The first one was pretty good. The second one could be nominated in this thread, but it is definitely not THE WORST EVER.

Blair Witch II is a very good nominee.

There’s also Troll 2, which gave us the classic “Oh my GOD!” moment. So bad it’s almost funny.

The Thing prequel probably counts too. It was pretty much just a remake that went out of its way to change everything good about the John Carpenter version. Jump-scares, the alien transforming for the audiences benefit not the stories, explaining things that never needed to be explained, etc.

People claim it was the bad CGI that made it bad but even with the original practical effects the script was just incredibly poorly written and directed.

Ring II is a good selection. I was doubly pissed about that piece of garbage in that I almost went to see Sin City instead, but I’d never heard of Sin City so I went with the “proven name.” Ugh. When I finally saw Sin City on HBO or whatever I was so mad at myself for seeing Ring II in the theater instead, which was so bad I almost walked out of it.

It was actually a prequel, not pretty much just a remake. I remember being excited for it, but then after I saw it on release I thought it was “meh.”

Then a couple months ago both it and the original were on IFC or something, so I recorded both and watched them back to back in one sitting. The second movie worked really well watching it immediately after the original, to the point I would upgrade it from “meh” to “pretty good.”

It was nowhere near as good as the original, of course, but I loved a lot of the touches the prequel put in there connecting it to the original. Kurt Russell kept going on about the “Swedes” (“They’re Norwegians.” “Whatever!”) through most of the original, so it was satisfying to have the prequel show everything that happened at the Norwegian site. Including the scene from the original when they go to the Norwegian site; the prequel goes to great pains to leave the site in the exact condition that the original movie finds it.

I was going to say call me crazy but I kind of liked it, but then I checked IMDb to confirm: Nope, you’re totally right. I kind of liked Blair Witch (2016). You’re talking about Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (2000), which was dogshit through and through.

I liked Blair Witch 2.

My nomination is Hell House LLC II : The Abbadon Hotel

Hell House LLC was a really cool low budget feature that was able to create an atmosphere and draw you in. I had high hopes for the sequel, but GAWD, it was bad.

Every Cloverfield sequel* get’s progressively worse.
*Granted they all began life as unrelated films that had (increasingly tenuous) Cloverfield references shoehorned in.

Yeah, whoever wrote “Cloverfield Paradox” owes me 1h 42m of life. :frowning:

What a dumb movie. But prob not the worst I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know if “Cloverfield Paradox” counts as supernatural horror or not. I will say that IMHO science fiction and supernatural horror mix very poorly. I’m looking at you, “Event Horizon”!

so - are we basing it compared to the movie it is a sequel to?

Or just a horror sequel that is bad compared to other sequels?

If its the former - its definitely a toss up between Rob Zombies Halloween sequel and Blair Witch 2: BS as both movies they are sequels of were actually quite good in thier own respective ways.

If we’re talking sequels in general - I guess I still nominate those two, with Rob’s taking the lead by a long shot.