The Old Spice Centaur, and other ads.

A naked man in a shower says, “I’m two things.” The camera backs up, and he’s a horse from the waist down. “I’m a man, and a smart shopper.” He does a speil about the two-in-one Old Spice body wash he’s using. In the long version of the spot, at the end, he says again, “I’m two things. I’m a man…” His sweety walks in, and she says, “and a good provider.” They’re (wink, wink) edging around a “hung like a horse” joke.

On the next viewing, I noticed the horse part of him is missing something. He’s not hung like a horse. That part didn’t get past the censors, I guess.

We’re over here dude.

How much a of “provider” could a male horse really be. Other than stud service and the occasion rattlesnake stomp what does a stallion actually provide? Besides… what could a dirty centaur do for a living anyway?