The packers are here...

The big move has started. I won’t be Doping for about a week; the next time I’m here, I’ll be in Virginia. Wish me luck…

Wow, I can’t believe Green Bay let them get away.

The Virginia Packers is gonna take some getting used to.

Don’t let the big, scraggly one with the Southern drawl near your Vicodin.

Oh, and good luck.

Wow, I had no idea, vunder. I take it the move is being instigated by a new job, I hope? If so, congratulations, that’s great news! If not, I hope it’s good news that you’re moving for whatever reason.

I must have lied, because I’m answering from Naptown. Yeah, Munch I finally got a job, with NASA. Geek heaven. I start next Monday. What sucks is that I still have 2 classes going at IUPUI. Good grades, or finally making $$$$$. Tough choice, but the bucks win :smiley: