The people I work with are awesome.

Our group has a secretary/office-supply lady who mainly takes care of supplies and printer/copier stuff. She’s a really quiet single mom with 3 kids.

Last week her house was broken into, and all the christmas presents stolen. We had a quiet collection going all week, and were able to raise almost $800 to give her so she could replace everything. We kept it quiet so as not to embarrass her, and didn’t make a big deal of giving her the money. I think she never realized how much we all like her.

So anyway… my workgroup rocks. :smiley: (Just had to share)

That’s really cool.

I also think the people I work with are the best in the world. *

I love being self employed.

That is really great, pullin. We just did something remarkably similar for a co-worker; feels good, doesn’t it?

Awesome pullin! Y’all done good!

Aw, that’s wonderful. :slight_smile:

That does indeed count as “awesome.”

That’s wonderful, pullin. Thank you for sharing with us. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome of you and your coworkers. I’ll bet she really appreciated it. Makes one proud, doesn’t it?

I enjoy working with some of the people at my job too, it’s just two rotten eggs that I can’t stand.

That’s [bill and ted]excellent[/bill and ted].

That’s very sweet.

My boss is a bitch…

Lovely story,** Pullin.

Got a little something in my eye reading that…good for you and your bunch, Pullin.

Aww. That’s awesome that you were able to raise money for her, and even more awesome that you kept it discreet and non-embarassing. Good for the lot of you. And Merry Christmas.

You’re just enabling bad behavior by doing that, you know? What incentive will the burglar have not to steal if he knows that everyone is just going to pitch in and help her get afford new presents anyway? What incentive will your co-worker have to go out and buy a better home security system, a guard dog, or hire a personal security detail?

:smiley: Just kidding of course :slight_smile: This is a happy story and I’m really glad you shared it! Sounds like you all have a great workplace community!

Good for you guys! Very heartwarming.

Nicely done.


Wonderful! I love when good people pull together!

A quick story: A couple years ago, I worked at American General, and a group of about 12 of us went out for dinner one Saturday after work. It was peobably mid-December-ish. One of our co-workers was not able to join us because of her tight financial situation, husband not working, teenage daughter, etc, and she didn’t know how she was going to guy her daughter anything for Christmas. We were discussing it and decided we were all going to kick in what we could and give her an annonymous gift card, plus we all bought a wrapped gift for our friend, came in early to work and left them on her desk.

What was really the icing on the cake tho was that a young couple at the next table overheard our plans and came over and quietly said they thought it was wonderful what we were doing and gave us $25 to add to the pot. We all left there in tears.

There are some good folks left.

Thank you for brightening my day. That was touching; good on y’all. :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful! The people you work with (and you) are awesome indeed.