The Power Puff Girls have no fingers

I’ve only seen the show once, so I’m not sure why, but their arms are just fleshy clubs. Sure they can shoot power beams out of them, which is cool and all, but how do they eat donuts? Shouldn’t we be teaching our children the value of hands.

Ya wanna finger, huh?



Channelling Buttercup, Bosna?

When you’re that cool, who needs fingers? I wish I were animated so I could have a foursome with the Powerpuff Girls…well, it’d have to be after they became Powerpuff Women.

They don’t have fingers, but that doesn’t stop them from doing things that normally require fingers. I don’t know why except that its a cartoon. The laser beams come out of their eyes though. (:

Ohhhhhhhh, man…I wish you hadn’t said that. How’m I going to get to sleep tonight?

Hmmm… weren’t the PPGirls exposed to some type of radiation in their creation? That might explain the mutations, such as no fingers, no noses, and really big eyes. Doncha think? :-/

No, but I actually know this. (I know, it’s sad. But I like animated programs)

Professor Utonium went out to create the perfect girls.
He mixed in sugar, spice, and everything nice, but accidently one extra ingredient got mixed in: Chemical X.

Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born.

All hail the glorious Powerpuff Girls! One of the best shows on TV, hands down.

Get it? Hands down? When we’re talking about fingers?
Bwahahahahahaha!!! Oh, man. Must be bedtime.

my heroes… :::bats eyelashes:::

But they don’t have boobs either.

I don’t know exactly how old the Power Puff Girls are supposed to be, but I assume it’s post-pubesent.

Ya gotta give me tits on two dimentional animated female characters. Trixie, Arial, Pocohontas, even Belle do it for me.

Chief, you would love the Sailor Moon cartoons !

I’ve seen plenty of Sailors moon before. What’s a “Sailor Moon?”

Here ya go Chief, Sailor Moon and her friends.

Try pre-pubesent. They’re in kindergarden, I’m sorry.

Sailor Moon.

I’ll let someone else worry you about plot (like you care!).