Powerpuff Girl Poll

Hey you guys. I’ve joined your ranks, the few, the proud, the many. I’m a Powerpuff Girl Fan!!! I’m buying my first T-Shirt soon.

Here’s my poll:

Your Fave PPG?
Your Fave PPG Villain?
Your Fave Episode?

Also that Beat-Alls ep was pretty sweet. See it, anyone?

Okay. My answers to my own poll.

My Fave PPG: Buttercup, aka, the Green One
My Fave Villain: Him
My Fave Episode: The Beat-Alls, the one with the Leech, and the tooth one

What do you guys think?

Fav PPG: Bubbles
Fav Villan: Him
Fav episodes: The one where Bubbles saves tries to color the town after its black and white, the one where Bubbles becomes “hard-core”, and the one with the Disco Ball blocking the sun.

Favorite PPG: Bubbles
Favorite Villian: Mojo Jojo
Favorite Episodes: Bubblevision (the one where Bubbles gets glasses), Bubblevicious (the one where Bubbles becomes “hard core”), and the one where Bubbles tries to color in the black-and-white Townsville.

“Love, love, love makes the world go 'round.” :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely obsessed with the PPG. I have the pink T Shirt, a watch, a bag, a photo frame, stickers, a framed poster and a buttercup doll.

Favorite PPG: Bubbles
Favorite Villian: Mojo Jojo
Favorite Episodes: The one where Mojo Jojo tries to join the PPG’s party and dresses up as a little girl. In fact, I love all of the Mojo Jojo episodes.

FAVE PPG: Bubbles, because she’s such an idiot.
VILLIAN: Mojo Jojo, because he’s a big-brained monkey who speaks in pseudo-Japanese/English pidgin.
FAVE EPISODE: Two actually: the one where Bubbles thinks she’s Mojo Jojo…hearing her high little pixie voice blurt out Mojo Jojo phrases was gut-busting; and the one where somebody gets the number to the PPG hotline and continuously makes bogus calls to them pretending to be the mayor…the PPG, thinking there’s villiany afoot, end up breaking in on several of the regular villians as they innocently putter about their houses doing mundane chores.

ok mine are blossom( i’m a sucker for a cute redhead)
mojo jojo , he’s the coolest.
My favorite ep was where everyone is turned into dogs.
And i have to admit it was my 4 yr old niece that started me on PPG.

  1. The angry one (I think Buttercup?)

  2. I’d have to say Mojo Jojo, because he is my
    favorite villain, so Mojo Jojo is the one I’d have to say.

  3. Mr. Mime (the same one - town’s black and white - that
    others mentioned. I love love love the song that just
    fixes everything).

I love the PPG. I watch them with my daughter as
often as I can. While I don’t own any of the
toys, she has everything. For her 5th birthday
we got her the sheets, blankets, clock, you name
it she has it.

Anyway, to answer the OP,
1- Buttercup
2- Mojo Jojo or Fuzzy Lumpkins
3- The episode where Bubbles goes hardcore.

I missed the Beat-Alls episode last night and
didn’t even get to tape it.

Bup- Yeah I think Buttercup is the “angry one.” (I can relate.)

Mojo jojo is cool…my second fave villain.

So far, Bubbles seems to be the most favored. Then Buttercup, then Blossom. Bubbles is pretty cute- I remember the first episode ever, with her “meat-hair.” She could really kick ass :stuck_out_tongue:

I will admit to liking the Powerpuff Girls, despite being a 15-year-old male. I watch a lot of cartoons though, mainly because I draw a lot of cartoons and am considering a possible career in animation (at least that’s the story I’m going with…Shhh!)

My favorite character: Bubbles (as with many shows, the “main” character has almost no episodes focused on her. It’s just the way it goes most of the time.)

Favorite villain: Mojo Jojo, because he is my favorite villain. That is, because I like the other villains, except that I like Mojo Jojo more than any of them. If I were to like another villain more than Mojo Jojo, Mojo would thus become a second or third favorite, but since that condition is not true as of yet, Mojo Jojo is still my favorite villain, because of the funny way he always repeats, reiterates, and restates. Plus it’s just funny to watch him do things like dress up like a little girl.

Favorite episode: Probably the one where they reenact the events of before to the mayor, and the stories are all recalled and animated differently.

“I remember it like it was yesterday!!”

“…it was TODAY!”

KJ, that is my favorite one also. Especially when Bubbles is telling her side of the story about Mojojojo gets a bump on the head, and she wanted to kiss it and make it better but then she realised that he is a bad monkey and punches him in the head instead. It was cool since they did that scene in crayon alos.
Yeah, Bubble is my favorite. She brings the childishness to the show.
And it was the Gang Greene Gang that sent the Mayor away so they could use his phone to prank everybody.
As for villians? Mojo jojo, and Him.
And it’s bad enough that I have had to watch all the episodes that you have all mentioned three times a day since the kids got a video last week, but now I will go to bed after putting in an 11 hour shift stuffing bologna into little bubbles singing the love song.
Hey, and if there is anyway I can repay you, like maybe bamboo shoots under the fingernails, just let me know. :smiley:

  1. Bubbles: Got a thing for cute-- if nearly brainless-- blondes. Sorry

  2. Mojo Jojo: A super-genius sorta Japanese chimp with an exposed brain that loves the sound of his own voice. What’s not to like?

  3. The one where Bubbles wakes up from a concussion and thinks she’s Mojo, of course!

Bubbles, Mojo Jojo, and Bubblevicious, Mime for a Change, and Just Another Manic Mojo.

  1. Don’t really have a favorite. They’re three parts of a whole, and the show’s done a great job of spreading the wealth. I occasionally get the impression that Bubbles is the favorite, but not enough to consider her the “main” character or anything. And she isn’t stupid, she’s just the only one of the girls who acts her age. You know, kindergarten age?

  2. Princess Morbucks. There’s just something about her bratty attitude, misguided vendetta against the Girls, and general cluelessness that I find incredibly funny. I also think she’s the most natural of all the PPG’s villains, unlike geeky Mojo Jojo, way out there Him, or petty Gang Green Gang (and the Amoeba Boys are too dang incompetent to be considered villains).

  3. My faves to date (note that I haven’t seen Meet the Beat-alls or that other new ep yet):
    The Bare Facts. Absolute laugh riot from start to finish. The furious interaction between the Girls is priceless.
    Child Fearing. Princess at her finest.
    Birthday Bash (the birthday ep; might have gotten the title wrong). Townsville’s villains failing to destroy their nemises as only they can.
    Jewel of the Aisle. Hilarious riff on American culture. I’ll be taking that tag line to my grave (“Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth!”). Also loved the contrast between the different types of animation.

KJ, I’m a 27-year-old male, and I like them. There’s no need for excuses.

Fave PPG: I’ll have to say Bubbles, with Buttercup a close second.

Fave Villain: Mojo Jojo, hands down. Try a road trip sometime with two kids (10 and 15) and four adults conversing in Mojo Jojo-speak for an hour, counting points for the greatest number of distinct reiterations. Do you have any idea how many ways a ten-year-old can say “I want to eat at Burger King”?

Fave Episode: Episode titles fail me, but the broccoli invasion ranks high, along with Bubbles going hard core and the one in which Bubbles thinks she’s Mojo Jojo.

Yeah, no excuses for loving the PPG. :slight_smile:

Satan was surprised that I liked them. He thought it was odd that a sixteen year old should be interested in the antics of five year old girls. Maybe he thinks i’m a pedophile…:eek: Nah.

Alright, so far Bubbles and Mojo have the lead…

One more vote for: Buttercup, Mojo Jojo, and “Los Dos Mojos” (where Bubbles acts like Mojo Jojo).

Mojo Jojo
The episode where they play make-believe, and Blossom(?) pretended to be Miss Bellum by standing on a stool and putting a cuddly toy under her shirt. :smiley:

Your Fave PPG? Bubbles. Dunno why, really . . .
Your Fave PPG Villain? Either Mojo Jojo or Him. He is so deliciously camp, like Dr. Smith in hell.
Your Fave Episode? The Beat-Alls was pretty good; I also like the one where Mojo gets the kids hooked on Chemical X (love the super-kid still in his wheelchair!).

Anyone else think Prof. Utonium is kinda hot? By the way, I got my mother hooked on the PPG, and her favorite—much to my surprise—is Buttercup.

I’m so all about Blossom!

My favorite villian is Him. But here’s a question for you PPG fans: Have you noticed He isn’t around anymore? My boyfriend bought me the PPG board game for Christmas and He isn’t in it at all! What gives? No new episodes, no references? Have we lost Him?

I can’t pick a favorite episode, there’s too many to choose from.