The Price of Owning Vehicle That Supports Terrorists

Charge for shoveling out your neighbor’s Toyota and helping to push it out of the middle of the street, where he’s stuck sideways in the snow:


Charge for driving back and forth in front of your neighbor’s house for 5 minutes to clear a path in the snow and then helping to push his girlfriend’s Honda up to the curb because she can’t make it up a 3 degree snow-covered slope:


Charge for driving up a 1/4 mile hill to shovel out your 73 year-old ex-mother-in-laws sidewalks:


Joy of owning a full size 4x4 pickup truck during the worst snowstorm in 30 years (16 inches+ and still snowing):



Charge for Whistlepig being an insufferable asshole after suffering through self-righteous anti-SUV threads:

FREE! :slight_smile:

You may now commence the flaming. Like I care.

Wow, is it time for another SUV meltdown already?
Let’s see… I predict trainwreck status by page 5… lockdown by mod due to anarchic pile-on by page 12.

Here we go again… :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I support your point of view, [w]whistepig**. If people think you’re Saddam Hussein’s brother because you drive a 4x4 then fuck em.

Hey, at least he always sends birthday cards on time. Unlike some siblings I know.

Isn’t “anarchic pile-on” an oxymoron?

I WANTED to put as a postscript -

Number of replies until someone says:

“Yeah, but what about the other 364 days a year when you drive that gus-guzzling, terrorist supporting, run-right-over-the-top-of-a-little-car-carrying-puppies-and-children BushHog? It’s just wrong!”


But I thought that behavior was discouraged.

Whistlepig, who’s going out to shovel his walks for the 4th time today (4 inches of snow since 5 pm).


Yeah, it’s a lot of snow.

Can’t we all just refer to the last SUVMT (S.U.V. meltdown thread) and be done with it? :slight_smile:

Just link him to the 50,000 other SUV hater threads.

Well, I’m just having fun with this one.

If I get bored I might go into the 50,000 threads, but I’m not that bored yet. :slight_smile:

And an update:

Giving up your parking spot in front of your house to a neighbor’s Honda that can’t make it up the alley OR up the street and then helping them push it into the parking space and offering to help them out in the morning:


But I think all my neighbors with little cars are home now.


But seriously, folks. We’ve had a huge snowstorm. I will probably call some friends in the morning to see if they need help getting out of their house and then spend a couple of hours helping my non-4x4 neighbors. The plows will only get the major streets tomorrow. On our dead-end street, we never get plows.

I’d like to point out that you have a pickup, not an SUV. I, on the other hand, drive an SUV. A 4x4 2-door GMC Yukon with a 350 small block. I get 14 mpg coasting down hill in neutral with the wind at my back. I love that thing.

Charge for putting up with piddly Americans who cry because they get (gasp) FOUR inches of snow (since 5pm)


You may pay in U.S. Dollars.

Charge for using your SUV to shovel neighbour’s car out of snow

ETERNAL DAMNATION!!! Bwahahahaha! For your wife’s soul, we’ll throw in a spoiler.

Sod off

Last three snowstorms we’ve had, while driving to work in my little front wheel drive, every vehicle I saw in the ditches were 4WD. They come out of the gates and run good on slick asphalt, but have no advantage for stopping. Too many people forget that. Brakes is brakes, no matter what you have a driveshaft hooked up to.

Anyways, if you drive or ride anything that uses gas, you support the evil guys. Maybe less than the heinous pigs that drive SUV’s, but you still do.

I’m so sick of the anti-SUV shit. If you have nothing in your life to complain about, cry about SUV’s. Make a statement that means absolutely dick.

Actually, in Canadian dollars that would be about $16.43.

But I like your country. I’d move there except for the fact that it never gets above 70 degrees(F).

And our women like your dollar bills. About 20-30 of them rolled up makes a pretty good tampon.

BTW, we’ve had about 20 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. That translates out to about 1,274 millimeters.

We understand that you Canadians use the millimeter measurement because 5 inches = 754 millimeters. It just sounds bigger.

Snow…? What is this snow of which you speak…?

Five inches is about 127 milimeters, actually.

[sub]Cost of friedo whipping out conversion factors he memorized in fifth grade: priceless. :)[/sub]

My car gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I likes it!

Kansas went from a subzero ice storm to t-shirt weather in 48 hours. I wonder what kind of car is best for that.


Well, maybe. But my hovercraft is full of eels.

Sixteen inches? Feh. Got that two weeks ago. Light entertainment. Was on the road that day.

Owning a Beetle and knowing how to drive it: $750/Skip Barber course.

Watching people in SUVs slide off the road: Priceless.

Nothing wrong in a SUV… the thing is, it’s not about the car, it’s about the driver.