The rapper TI: apparently a scumbag - (Hymen checking)

I would have thought such a practice was apocryphal but apparently not. I was surprised to read that this was even a thing but even more surprised to read of a father admitting to it.

I hope it is a hoax but I fear it isn’t. I have a 14 year-old daughter and I can’t imagine putting her through such an experience. This appears to have no medical benefit other than placating the presumably torrid mental state of TI. If this is the sort of thing you feel you need to subject your daughter to then you have already failed as a parent.

Bloody hell, what will he do when the test comes back negative? (at the age of 18 surely the daughter has every right to refuse that her medical details are shared…wonder if she feels she can do that?)

This is one of those clear-cut occasions where there is no defense against a charge of sexism and misogyny. Makes my skin crawl.

“Major celebrity.” Not to me, I’ve never heard of him. I’m sorry this is the way I’ve found out. His daughter just turned 18. He’s been subjecting her to this for years. I hope someone clues her in that she has a right to refuse this. At 18, her sexual activity is none of his business.

I was going to say I have no idea who TI is, then I saw he was in the Ant Man films and now I know who he is.

I have two daughters and I can’t imagine doing anything like that to them. Girls have enough body issues in society when you do all you can to be supportive and loving, let alone when you pull this crap.

His daughter’s last name appears to be Harris.

Why the hell isn’t it I? Didn’t he even bother to marry her mother?

So, on top of it all, he’s a fucking idiot, since hymens are likely to break on their own anyhow. So it’s not a reliable “virginity test” to begin with.

Sexism? Misogyny? GTFO.


One will note that there is no mention of him disavowing the substance of the remarks.

You underestimate his fucking idiotness. He was told that horseback riding, and bicycle riding are but 2 ways to accomplish that. He said that she doesn’t ride horses or bikes. He even claimed to accompany her in the exam room.
ETS: Not to mention that she now has this crazy spotlight on her.

Ah!, I wasn’t aware of him before but from your quote he seems very much to have “form” on this.

One thing that struck me from your quote was…

Now is it just me or is that hinting at something a little more troubling? Certainly when taken with his apparent fear of a sexually active daughter. I can’t *quite *work my way around the logical connection between those two facts but there is something niggling at the back of my mind.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it and “sexist scum” is all the explanation required.

I never saw Ant Man, so I’m still blissfully in the dark about yet another “major star” douchebag.

Right? I have two daughters as well. They both had IUDs when they were 15 (their request). I mean, they’re strong willed women now so it’s not like I’d get a good price for them anyway. A few pizzas for one of them, as it turns out.

5 myths about Virginity BUSTED

TI is a moron.

When I heard this story, I vomitted in my mouth. This is absolutely appalling. I can’t imagine my parents treating me this way or ever treating my daughter this way. Not to mention that the hymen doesn’t work that way. It’s not some freshness seal that needs to be broken. In fact, it doesn’t always break.

I just, yeeeckkkk

I doubt you’re serious but just to clear it up, T.I. is a stage name. The rapper’s real name is Clifford Harris.

Harris has six children. Three of his children are with his wife, Tameka Cottle Harris. Harris also has two sons from a previous relationship with Lashon Dixon and a daughter from a previous relationship with Violeta Morgan, a singer who uses the stage name Ms. Niko. (Cottle and Morgan also have children from other relationships.)

The eighteen year old being discussed here is Deyjah Imani Harris, the daughter of Harris and Morgan.

So the doctor’s just taking his money and telling him what he wants to hear. Good for the doctor, I guess.

A moron and a vile individual. Count me as another with a teenage daughter who would never put her through that.

(And so help me I’m finding the idea of a scrunchie in your hooha totally hilarious.)

I’ve been wondering about that. If you’re a doctor approached by such a lunatic, you can get all righteous and send him away, but knowing he’ll keep shopping until he finds a compliant doctor. Or you can take the case, forego the exam and maybe have some realtalk or low level counseling with the girl instead (teens can always use that). And do it for free because, hey, always willing to help a good and moral father do the right thing by his naturally wayward daughter. “Yessiree, sealed up tight as a new jar of peanut butter. NEXT!”

I was wondering that as well.

At what point is the doctor required to tell the truth to the father rather than deferring completely to the patient, particularly an adult patient. Would the doctor get into any trouble for telling the truth to the patient and lying to the father? Surely telling the father an uncomfortable truth that the adult patient wants to keep secret would be an major issue…isn’t it? God I hope so.

Any father keeping tabs on his 18 year old child’s sex life is a pervert.

Yeah, the doctor should tell the daughter the truth and tell the father if he wants to find out his daughter can tell him. Or not. Her business, her choice.

A projecting pervert at that.

If the doctor lies to the father about the exam and the father eventually finds out, he can sue the doctor for charging for procedures that never happened.