The regretted text message. An update. (and a swear word)

A long time ago I sent a text message to a girl. I was not myself when I sent it. It was immediately regretted.

I never got a reply.
I waited. I still got no reply.

I waited.

She walked into work.

No mention.
It’s almost as if she didn’t get it.
After a few days/weeks I decided she must have forgave this one uncool act towards her and continued to act friendly with me.

A month went by in which I occasionally cringed on reminding myself (often when walking to work) of that stupid text message, and how it probably damaged my otherwise cool reputation with her.

7 more days go by. I’m reading old text messages on my phone. I spot why she neither replied nor mentioned the text message…

All this time I’ve had her mobile number wrong in my head. All this time I’d had the fourth and fifth digit the wrong way round. She had told me it was that!

I’d even heard someone else tell me the correct version… to which I replied “Are you sure? I thought it was…” and said the incorrect version. She was there and said that was right. Silly cow doesn’t know her own number! (she forgot how to spell her name temporarily once.)
Well in case you are wondering I found out because since then she’s sent me text messages unrelated to the one I sent (text messages asking me to phone work… she’s texting me on someone else’s behalf) and only today, about ten minutes ago, did I decide to read the full sending number. She may not know her number but her phone sure does!
I think for once the :smack: is deserving.

(to save anyone having to find out by reading other threads… she has a bf, and we are getting along just fine as friends)
(but I am still crazy about her)

The only thing to do now is to resend her the original message you didn’t send her, to the correct number. It’s the only way to justify those months of angst and embarrassment.

I agree. It seems like the only logical conclusion.

I think you should go into work tomorrow and tell her exactly how you feel. I look forward to the thread after that! (Be sure to get drunk first)

Bwahahahahah! All that you need to do now is accidentally call her ‘mummy’ and there will be a whole lifetime of cringing and groaning set out for you.

Points will be awarded if you burst into song.

And all the smart, non-airheaded girls sitting here lonely on a Tuesday afternoon sighed and shook their head in disbelief…