How would you handle getting a suggestive text accidentally? Need answer fast!


An acquaintance/friend of mine sent me a misdirected text a couple of weeks ago intended for another friend of hers with the same name. No big deal. I let her know, she apologized – done.

So, today, I get a picture message from the same friend. When I open it, I’m rather shocked to see that it is a picture of her. With her legs splayed out in her bathtub. Granted, the picture is taken in such a way that I can’t really see anything truly naughty, but…yeah. Now, to me, she’s obviously having fun with some guy, and I’ve got no issues with that. I’m not offended by it or anything, but I feel badly for her to have inadvertently sent something so personal to someone else.

I then immediately get a second text with this deep apology, and a promise to change her other friend’s name in her phone. And I’m just trying to figure out how to respond. Do I text her back laughing it off, or sincerely accepting her apology? Or is it less embarrasing for her if I don’t respond at all?

What would you do?

Delete the text and move on with your life.

Option 1

Wait a while then reply to her apology text. Say something along the lines of how you always read the most recent text first, and also being such a upstanding* bloke and all, you’re going to delete the picture of her in the tub** without even looking at it. Psst, keep it for future drunken hijinks though.

Option 2

Apologize NOT BY TEXT and tell her you saw the pic, but not to worry, you couldn’t see anything.

Option 3

Tell her that her texting “by accident” obviously displays her subconcious desire for you, and the only way to get it out of her system involves her, you, a jar of honey and an ostrich feather/rubber chicken***.

*Ok, probably poor choice of words.
**Obviously don’t actually mention what was in the picture you claim you didn’t look at. At least not at first :smiley:
*** Delete as appropriate

I would text back ‘haha, nw’ or just ‘nw’.

I would text something to the effect of “Didn’t learn the first time?” No, actually, I probably wouldn’t. First, I don’t text message at all, and second, I just couldn’t be that mean. I think the best thing to do is to not respond and never bring it up. She’s (probably) embarrassed enough.

Once I could chalk up to an accident. Twice is less likely. Reminds me a guy who wanted to meet me and his method was to ‘accidentally’ email me when he ‘meant’ to send it to someone else.


In what world is it necessary for the recipient of an unwanted message to apologize for receiving it?

If it were me, I’d just text back “np”

Clearly you must befriend the guy without mentioning the incident at all. Hang out with him for a while, get to know his friends, and wait for the big He-Man-Woman-Haters weekend where you all go hunting, fishing, camping, or other manly pursuits. After the everyone passes out or is otherwise asleep, you distribute the 8x10 glossy prints you previously made and captioned around the campsite, before going to bed yourself. Don’t be the first one up the next day. Enjoy the wacky fun that follows. Admit nothing. Even if he kills you, his friends will remind him of the incident at every opportunity for the foreseeable future.

That or the delete and forget it thing.

Text her back “It’s OK I don’t even remember getting your message Fred.”

Don’t ignore her text. That will just make her think the worse. Depending on what type of person she is and how well you know each other, I would text back something along the lines of “no problem, I was charmed. Next time, I’d like to see something on a motorcycle.” Well, that last part, only if she would laugh.

This happened *twice? * That’s no accident.

I would text back “you mean I shouldn’t have put that on FB?” Just move on, don’t let it get weird with the friend, and don’t mention it again unless she does.

This really would very much depend on which one of my friends it was.

For a couple of them, I would give them a really bad time. For the others, I’d just quietly delete it.

For a really bad time, I would send a message copying her image and “accidentally” cc it to my whole address book, heh heh.

Okay not really.

Would she believe you if you told her your phone doesn’t support MMS and you didn’t see the pic?

This would work especially well if you have an iPhone, since it didn’t support MMS until a recent software/carrier setting update.

Eh, she said the two names were next to each other in her phone, and the first text just sounds like it was non-suggestive. Accident hardly seems impossible.

But we’ll need more info to be sure. Upload the picture to flicker and post a link, and we’ll give you some more guidance.

I made my boyfriend’s name on my phone very distinct (I prefixed it with an asterisk) just to avoid this sort of thing. His name was way too close to my sister in law’s cell phone.

If it were me, I would jokingly beg her (well, in my case hopefully “him”) not to change the guy’s name in the phone because I longingly look forward to these happy accidents to brighten up my otherwise dull life.

But that’s me.

I’ve accidently sent texts to the wrong people before.

I’d text back “Heh, no problem.”

Definitely “No problem.” Unless you’re close enough to joke about it. In that case, I like Salem’s suggestion.

I like this.