Sending dirty text messages... double-check...triple-check...

Am I the only one who, when sending dirty text messages to my SO’s phone, will paranoidly double- and triple-check the number in the “to” field, just to make sure I’m not accidentally sending it to my mom or something?

There’s an ad for “Dirty Text Messages?”


The dirtiest text message I’ve ever sent was “I have a free afternoon.” :o

I’ve sent text messages that Penthouse Forum would blush to publish.

I’ve sent my fair share of dirty texts, but the worst was:

My ex and I were trying to work things out and saying sweet things back and forth. I sent my ex something like, “I don’t normally get all mushy, but I really do love you.” But I accidently sent it to my best friend. My best friend who still mocks me for it.


Ooh this thread could be a great place for people to post their “sent to the wrong person” txt message stories. Muahahaha

Ha. I don’t send text messages. I’m the one that recieves 'em.

Even then, I don’t recieve many. I prefer to answer text messages with phone calls.
…yes, even dirty ones.

I don’t text. I barely use a cell phone at all. But I HAVE tacked on the reflexive but embarrassing “Love you!” to the end of a business phone call…

I’ve only had one boyfriend who I texted with, and at the time no one else I knew used text messaging. I was able to be smutty without worry … which always leads to the best smut. :wink:

I still chuckle to myself whenever anyone asks me if I want their pickle…

I had a girlfriend in Tokyo who sent me an email from her phone one evening while I was waiting to meet her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended for me.

And that was the end of that relationship.

My new SO doesn’t do text. Before I knew that I sent her a text. One of these days she’s going to let one of her own kids or students play with her phone and they will ask. "Who is whistlepig and why did he send you a text that said, 'Last night = :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: "

I am fond of sending dirty text messages to my SO when I know he’s somewhere he can’t take a call. Like in class, or out to dinner with his parents. It’s just more fun that way :wink:

I wholeheartedly agree.

Dad, don’t read under this line.
I like doing similar things, but usually with voicemail. I’m a GIANT fan of teasing during/right after dinner at her parents’ place.

I like to think I’m rather good at the teasing until I get my way. That happens frequently.

Some of you may remember my story about the… outfit.

The man that I’m currently wooing requested a pic from my camera phone. I had to turn him down 'cus I just knew I would wind up sending it to my mom and dad. :slight_smile:

Hell yes! Hasn’t gone to the wrong person yet.

I’ve had one come to me though. My then in the closet gay friend used my phone to text his “friend” as he was out of credit. The secret boyfriend acccidently texts back a few hours later to my number. Nothing dirty just very lovey dovey.

I make a comment to my friends that I have a random text from some guy I don’t know. The friend who borrowed my phone tells me it’s from his “friend” and asks to read the message. I pass him the phone. Reality finally dawns on me.

I’ve sent numerous bitchy unprofessional work-related ones to my sister, who’s adjacent to the colleague in question in my contacts. I have to be very careful with that one.

Yep, I double and triple check too. Hasn’t been sent to the wrong person yet. My biggest worry is that my dad has the exact same model of phone as me. I have to be very careful at my parents’ place, or if my parents come to mine so that our phones don’t get mixed up. My parents currently think that the sun shines out of Bonzer’s arse, I’m pretty sure if they saw any of the text messages he’s sent me (or that I’ve sent him), he will rapidly become their least favourite person.

See, my phone is nice in that it has me select the recipient before I write the message. It’s physically impossible for me to send it to the wrong person.

You’ll continue to say that until you screw it up.

I don’t send dirty texts, but I am often afraid that my auto-fill-in email address will have me sending a dirty story I wrote to my mom instead of my best friend.

And like jayjay, I’ve also added the mortifying “Love you!” to the end of a call with a customer. :smack:

I got a hot text mesage from my dear wife on my way to a meeting. I didn’t have time to respond just then, and I silenced my phone for the next hour. When I next checked it, I had several voice messages from her, frantically trying to confirm that I had received her dirty little missive. Apparently, after I hadn’t responded for several minutes, she panicked, thinking that she might have sent it to my father instead! We share a name (he’s Jr/II, I’m III) and are on adjacent lines in her contact list. She’s since taken steps to better differentiate those entries.

A couple years ago, the Kid’s phone needed to go in for repairs.

Did you know that text messages are saved on the phone, NOT your SIM card?

A bunch of us were sitting on the couch, talking. She’s playing with the loaner phone and suddenly drops it and shouts OH MY GOD!!.

Whoever’s phone it was had saved an entire text message library of the most incredible, explicit messages. The kicker was that some of them talked about what HE was going to have HER do, once math class got out and they could sneak into the library…