The Return of the Evil Roommate(TM)

In another thread, which I cannot seem to find by searching, I explained how evil my roommate is. A short recap.

I came home and found ALL my money gone and a note from the Evil Roommate saying he would explain when he got home. Evil Roommate came home and said that my (half)sisters Mom died, which was true, and that my sister took my money to buy a plane ticket which turned out to be a lie. My Evil Roommate stole the money and used my sisters mothers death as an excuse. I have no idea what he used the money for. Regretably, Evil Roommate is still around(#1) for a short while.

Fast forward a little bit. Evil Roommate had to pay rent and since my sister is gone, and I won’t deal with him, my Dad got a check from Evil Roommate. Included in the check was the money Evil Roommate owed me which covered my rent. My Dad used the money to pay the rent since my sister is still out of town.

The check Evil Roommate gave my Dad bounced as soon as my Dad deposited it. I wasn’t too suprised.

Today I found out that the check DID NOT bounce. Evil Roommate STOPPED PAYMENT on the check. Yep, Evil Roommate, after stealing my rent, decided that he didn’t want to pay ANY rent so he stopped payment. On THE SAME DAY that he wrote the check.

I am absolutely amazed.

But Evil Roommate made a big mistake. He screwed over my Dad. My Dad is the type of guy who, if someone screws him over, will go to almost any length to punish the offender.

I see jail in Evil Roommates future. I know my Dad is talking to the Cops.


#1. Evil Roommate is on the lease with my sister. Untill my sister comes back from handling her mothers affairs I am stuck with the schmuck.

I hear ya man. I came home from work yesterday and my roomate’s room was empty. He owes me $500 and would be sticking me with the full rent over the rest of the lease (6 months). The wierd thing is his N64 and Simpsons tapes are still here, and of anything he had left, those would be the first two things he would take with him. Strange.

How would have guessed it? You should really pick out your roomates.

Who. Roommates. Damn hamsters.

I had some roommate issues a while ago that I posted here on the boards…

I ended up just moving out down the hall rather than deal with the whole thing with the campus (3 months at least).

It’s good to hear your Dads been talking to the cops. Let us know if evil roommate gets what he deserves!