The Riches 19 Mar '07 (spoilers)

So Wayne has to con his way into a law firm. This should be good. And from the previews it looks like Dahlia is getting better at playing her part.

Ah, definitely a bit less shaky. Still too much stuff going on in a single episode, I think, but it’s early days and they’re filling in backstory as they go, I suppose. I’m not wild about the clumsiness of scene-to-scene. Dahlia’s losing it because she’s out of cough syrup, so she buries the money… um, what?

I like it more than I thought I was going to after the pilot, but I don’t know if I have the patience for a first season of anything!

I wonder what they plan on doing about the youngest son, Sam. Are they gonna keep passing him off as a girl? I do like how the entire family just accepts that he likes to wears girl’s clothes (transgender?) like it’s no gib deal.

I really liked this episode, but I’m probably biased towards this show since I think anything Izzard touches turns to gold. The scene with him sitting down to an interview at the country club with the men from the lawfirm was proper Izzard. I’ve noticed him paying homage to his own standup style through little mannerisms in just these two episodes and it’s had me giggling.

This show doesn’t strive for realism though. In the pilot, I took issue with how the Rich’s BMW faired so poorly in the crash and that Wayne was able to rip the door off with his hands when they are some of the safest and most solid cars in the world. Now in this episode, the scene with Doug and Hugh sitting in the country club firing off a few high-calibre rounds on a set of magic revolvers that not only have no recoil, but also hit the mark from about 200 feet away. And while the shooters are sipping back a few, at that! Even a fairly skilled, sober shooter would struggle to have a grouping that tight with a handgun from that far away, particularly while just getting used to the feel of a new pistol. Ah well. Still a cool scene, as was the “interview” later that night that landed him the counseling position. :slight_smile:

And another thing. Wouldn’t a security guard dressed up as a cop like the one patrolling the neighborhood get in some hot water for impersonating an officer to such a high degree, dark uniform, badge and all? Hired security guards are readily identifiable as such, and that’s so they aren’t confused for cops. I was under the impression that impersonating an officer was, eh … illegal.

Really liking this show.

P.S. alphaboi, I agree that it’s cool how there’s been no mention of the transvesticism, but I’m sure it’ll come up later on. And is that a typo or did you really mean to say “gib”? :slight_smile:

Minnie Driver riding a bicycle! Nuff said! Please may I have some more?

My damn DVR cut off the last bit! What happened in the last 5 minutes? (damn DVR’s getting replaced this week, gonna lose the whole hard drive, grumble, grumble, grumble…the woes of a buffer…)

“Here, hold my purse. You can’t keep it.”
I’m really liking this show.

Actually, I believe she was referring to her shoes, after condemning the fact that anyone could actually walk in them. Sam commented that he liked them, so she said he could keep them, to which he replied “Really?”

Typo, that should be big :smack: .

It was both. She says, “Hold my purse. You can’t keep it,” then complains about the shoes and says he can have them.

The family goes to dig up the money, but since the RV has been moved, they can’t find it. Wayne goes to Panetta’s house and plays this crazy Russian-Roulette mindfuck on him, which gets him a job offer. Then the family all splash around in the pool, then Wayne goes upstairs; Doug’s phone starts buzzing again. He picks up, and a woman says, “Doug, I know you’re there. Say something! Don’t you hang up on me!” then he hangs up on her.

Thanks, Geobabe!

Jeez, I hope the lack of response to this thread isn’t a reflection of the show’s popularity. I really like this show, and I’d hate to see it go away.

This show is full of promise. Yay!

I laughed my ass off when the bitch neighbor had her arm pulled off. I guess I’m hellbound.

I hope not too.

I’m not sure that thread length relates to popularity. The Riches is kinda “what you see is what you get”. There aren’t a bunch of mysteries to unravel (Lost), or stupid plots to snark on (Jericho), or quotable lines (The Office, My Name Is Earl). So there’s not a lot to talk about, except how damn good it is.

Oh, no kidding. Hilarious! The look on her face when she needed the door opened for her was priceless.

I’m really enjoying this show. They do seem to be cramming a lot into each episode so far, and as anamnesis said, the realism isn’t so much–I was kind of annoyed by the shooting scene, since a) no recoil? come on; and b) popping off a few rounds in your backyard in the middle of a housing development, even a pricey one? I doubt it. On the whole, though, it’s very entertaining and I find myself looking forward to the next episode.

I’m liking it too, for the record.

It’s weird, in a show that plays so fast and loose with plausibility, but I liked the whole bit with the bitch neighbor because it seemed so much realer than TV/movies usually are. First, disabled people can be assholes, rather than cheerful, inspiring heroes. Second, I don’t know, but the way it seemed to be turning into a big, unlawful, messy confrontation, and then all that kind of faded when her arm just plumb fell off. It was unexpected, and turned what seemed a typical dramatic conflict on its head.